Unforgettable Birthday

This story is about a girl who learns not to be lazy and try doing things by herself .

                  Lisa was a lazy girl who always wanted someone to help her in everything she did. She never tried to do anything by herself, because of this her mother always used to tell her to try doing things by herself. But she never wanted to do anything without any help from others.One rainy morning, it was lisas birthday. As soon as she woke up, everyone in her family gave her a kiss and wished her happy birthday. Her mother told her to get dressed and come down. She heard thunder and said “oh ! no please don’t rain”. She jumped out of her bed and ran to the window and saw that it was raining. She started to cry as she thought that if it rains on someone’s birthday it is bad luck. She got ready and came down stairs with a sad face, her mom didn’t see her face as she was busy planning for her birthday party. She saw a smiley face pancake and she gobbled it up. Then ding dong the doorbell rang her friends came over to play she was so happy to see them. They played board games until it was lunch time, so her friends left. After her lunch she went for her nap.

               After she woke up, her friends came over to play. Then they decided to play on the trampoline in the park. she did many tricks on the trampoline. It suddenly started to rain again, they all ran inside the house. While she was running she fell down and got stuck in the mud pool, she was shouting for help but nobody heard her. Her friends searched for her in the house but they couldn’t find her, they got tired of searching for her and they left. After it stopped raining a little her mother heard someone screaming, she went outside and saw that Lisa was stuck in the muddy puddle. Her mother tried to pull her out but she couldn’t, she went inside the house and got a rope to pull her out but she failed again. Then she saw a stick lying around and passed it to Lisa  , so she could use the stick to push her self out of the mud. Luckily that worked. Her mother told her that she needs to try pulling herself out, unless you try by to come out I cannot pull you out of it. Then Lisa used that stick to push the mud stuck to her shoes and pulled her leg out of the mud pool. Finally, she came out of the mud pool. 

              They both went home and Lisa took her bath and got ready for her Birthday party. After some time her friends came over and they all celebrated Lisa’s birthday. This was her most memorable birthday as she realized that she cannot be lazy and depend on others for everything, they can only show her how to do things , she has to try working by herself to achieve her goals.   

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