The Two Green Planets

Oriel and his family, was called along with other Eco-green leaders by the UN Head for a task to find new planet for saving the human race and nature. Will they be ?

Another grey and foggy day passed. A young boy, Oriel Birk, aged 12, sat staring at a huge road- roller cutting trees. He sighed. 

Birk, like his parents wanted to be an environmentalist and stayed with his parents in Baker’s Street, London. He and his friends, loved nature and formed an eco- group ‘The United Nature’. 

          The Earth wasn’t a habitable place now, because people cut many trees and polluted the sky and water. Some eco activists educated people that if we cut trees we will not be able to survive. But no one listened. Several natural disasters began to occur frequently. 

       The UN (United Nations) discussed about the present state of earth. Finally, a UN official came forward with an idea. He said “a group called the ‘united nature’ successfully convinced the whole baker’s street what would happen if we went on destroying nature. So I propose that we call the head of this group and his family here and discuss. The head of the UN said “we shall also call heads of other powerful nature warriors”. Back at Oriel’s home, his father received a call from the UN. As he hung up he called his family and said “the UN just now called me. They have some urgent matters to discuss. So pack your bags we are going to New York City.” It was Oriel’s   first time in a plane. But the view down was dull, he could see only grey clouds. Soon they landed at John F Kennedy international airport. They were welcomed by an official from the UN. 

       There they met many eco-activists and their children who were also called to the UN for the discussion. Oriel soon got to know more about these children. They were Prithvi and her brother Kailash from India, Sakura a girl from Japan, Voda a boy from Russia, and Penelope a girl from the United States, 

     The UN official welcomed them saying “as everyone knows the Earth was a clean and green planet, but slowly humans started to cut trees and pollute the water and sky. We would appreciate if you guys can find a new planet, clean and green where living beings can survive. Oriel and the other kids were so excited that they were going to space. 

Miss Arpina, from NASA was there, to teach the children how to adapt to the conditions in space. She said “I am going to take you into a space shuttle simulator. “Yippee!” the children shouted excitedly. Soon they were inside the simulator, floating. Miss Arpina began her lessons “well children, do you know why we are floating?” “Because there isn’t gravity” came the answers. “Excellent” said Miss Arpina, “well, have you thought how we will eat in space?” the children were silent. “Well, it is actually hard, we have food packets from which, we have to quickly dig it out and eat it. From Miss Arpina’s classes, the children learned how to adapt to the conditions in space. After six months of rigorous training they were ready to go to the space. 

Soon they put on their space suits and went to the Launchpad. The count down soon began. “4….3….2….1…You are going for launch. Oriel felt a crushing pressure in his chest but it soon went away. Kailash and Prithvi pointed out India and Oriel could get a view of Britain. As they took off, everyone said goodbye to the Earth.

Soon they reached the ISS (International Space Station). Few astronauts were on board. They decided to find planets where humans can live, in two different space shuttles.  The eco green warriors first went to the star system, Alpha Centuari. They carried an instrument to identify if a planet was habitable or not. The astronauts went to the constellation Telescopium, but got chased by a black hole. Both groups could not find a habitable planet and returned to the ISS, disappointed. Finally, they came up with idea of searching our own solar system. The only planet they found was Mars, which the astronomers thought there could be life. They soon landed down at Mars. Oriel had a bunch of Olive tree seeds. He started to plant them in the red dusty soil of Mars. Seeing this one of the Astronauts asked, “How will the seeds grow where there is no Oxygen and Water?” Oriel responded, “I think we are in the Northern pole of Mars where there could be some existence of Water because of Ice. I think the Olive trees might grow.” The Astronaut then taught them how to keep Oxygen cover over the seed. Soon they pitched up their low gravity oxygen camps. The Olive seedlings started to grow up. Soon Olive fruits started coming. Back in Earth the Head of UN sent some space architects to Mars to work on a huge Dome near the polar ice cap, which got completed in 70 Mars days. Then came farmers with selected seeds. They planted it in the dome and soon lush green crops began to grow. And then came the Masons, who built comfortable homes. Slowly a Mars city and mars forests were ready. Finally, the surviving animals and humans were brought to Mars. The earth meanwhile was covered by water bodies formed from melting glaciers. It soon became a blue planet. But after 3 mars years’ people saw tiny specks of green land rising again from the ocean on Earth. The people were so happy that they announced to the Mars citizens “Earth has risen again”. UN made arrangements to transport people back to earth. But some people wanted to stay back in mars, so the UN issued a proclamation that whenever people want they can travel to earth or mars with special permission. A Rule underlying the permission that humans will be allowed to enter both the green planets only if they promise that they will not tamper the Nature again. And thus begins our new tale of the two green planets. 

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