This story is about the murder of a boy Jack who was found hanging in his house. Three of his friends investigate this case to bring Jack justice.

Why do you always do this to me!!!”Joseph slammed the door of his house on his mother’s face in anger. “ Bu..” his mother was about to speak as he rushed out of the house .Joseph lived only with his mother as his father and mother had divorced as his father was a drunkard and everyday created a scene like hitting his wife Michelle .Joseph was angry, as he wanted to keep a dog as his pet but his mother refused.  He kicked a stone near his leg, unlucky Joseph, the stone went straight on a dogs face. “oh no” Joseph cried and ran as fast as  he could with a ferocious dog behind him. He climbed the railing of an unknown   house and went in safely. He heard the conversation of two people. They were talking in a hoarse voice ”if he is causing you so much problem in stealing jewellery ,why don’t you kill him.” The first person said. “OK..if you say l will kill him  ,but you will have to help me.” Said the second person. ”OK” said the first person again. First Joseph was a little scared, but he thought that it must be a prank on people outside that house. Joseph walked along the seaside and went outside the house of the two brothers; Lucifer and George. ”come out fast you baldies” Joseph shouted as they were bald. “Five minutes” shouted George. Joseph waited for five minutes and both the brothers came out wearing caps “let’s go to Jacks place” cried Joseph.  They went to meet Jack as they had not met him since many days. His house was besides the beach. They rung the doorbell but Jack wasn’t opening the door. So they entered the house from an opened window at Jack’s place. The boys tried to find Jack in the kitchen, dining room, drawing room, and every possible place but Jack was not there. They found a staircase and went on the first floor to find Jack. The boys saw a thing that made Lucifer and Joseph cry, but this made George faint. Jack was hanging from a rope taking support from the wall. There was blood all over his body and clothes. 

All the children were surprised to see Jack like this. Joseph called Jack’s parents and told them about Jack’s murder. His parents came running from the store, tears running down their eyes. Jack’s parents; Hillary and Lucas kept the funeral of Jack on that day only. The parents of the friends were also invited.

Everyone was very sad during the funeral. Tears running down their eyes. The boys were very sad. They spent a day or two and decided that they should take the revenge for Jack’s murder. The children were sad. After some time, everyone went back to their homes to sleep. The next day, as the children went to school, their teachers asked them about Jack, the children did not say anything and went to their seats. The teacher understood their feelings.

The day was a normal one in school and the children went back to jacks home to try to figure out the murder.

The parents were not so excited about investigating the case so the children decided to find the murderer without the help of their parents.

The parents also agreed on this.

The children went to the room where jack was killed. They were wearing masks and gloves, carried plastic bags as if they are from the forensics unit.

Jacks mom just came to keep a check on children but when she saw them taking the work seriously, she made funny jokes so that the children could not work seriously as she did not want them to get depressed.

The children then after the investigation went to their homes. During their way to home they discussed that something was wrong about Hillary and decided to know what that is about.

The next day the children met in school and were bunking class thinking about the relation of jack’s murder with Hillary. Suddenly a voice came from behind, it was the same murderer. She tried to shoot Joseph but he saved himself. Another woman called the shooter from behind and both of them ran away. They straight away ran to their class and hid under the desks. Police was called and the parents of the children arrived. 

The children were to stay under special protection with the police, even their parents were not allowed to see them. They even went to jack’s home by requesting the police with the police waiting for them outside. The children found a tore of shawl of jack’s mom which had blood all over it. They also found the same outfit the shooter was wearing that day. They were sure that jack’s mom had only tried to kill them and also killed jack, but the main question was <<<WHY>>>they decided not to tell the police about it. After some days they found a video in which Jack was struggling for his life while being choked by his father (Lucas) and Michelle (Joseph’s mother) along with Hillary (jack’s mother) were laughing. But suddenly, there was a doorbell heard. So they locked jack in a room. They opened the door and a man from the carpenter came and gave them a rope which was the same as from which jack was hanging on. It seemed like the man did not look suspicious and was just living a normal life. Soon another doorbell was heard and it was Joseph along with Lucifer and George. So the parents and Michelle quickly wore gloves and hung jack. They wrote note and escaped from the window but forgot to delete the video which jack was making when he got to know that he would die. The parents quickly ran to the grocery store and Michelle went back to her home as she was before the murder. The children took a knife each and ran away from the police to kill Michelle, Lucas and Hillary. They went to Joseph’s home and the three of them were talking about the evidence they forgot at the crime scene. The children went from the back gate and placed knives on their neck and asked Michelle, Lucas and Hillary the reason of killing jack. They said that the parents were fed up of him as he was not their son. Jack was the son of Hillary’s sister who died when jack was born. He was passed on to Hillary. They took jack as a burden and when they were so fed up of him they decided to kill him. This was not a job of two people so they asked Michelle: who was also their best friend for help. Joseph cried and felt like killing his mother but Lucas was a terrorist before his marriage, he snatched the knives of the children and killed the children from the gun. The thieves in the neighbourhood were talking about killing Lucas before jack died, they came from behind and shot Lucas. Hillary and Michelle were the witnesses so they were also shot. The police saw this and shot the thieves too. Then they saw all the dead bodies stacked in a pile and understood the whole mystery. Lucifer and George’s parents were given a bravery award on behalf of all the children. The city was like hell for Lucifer and George’s parents. While leaving the city when they were asked anything they wanted, they named the city hell. But as they said this, they both were also killed along with the police by a grenade which was thrown towards them. The police found those grenadiers, that were the nephew and the niece of one of the thieves the police shot.



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