The Man with a Heart of a Gold

This a short story about an old man whose compassion filled his money-less pockets.

The rain was pouring down hard on New York City. Everyone was inside cuddled up in blankets but one, a poor old man, he had no home, family food or water. He only had was a small rag to keep him warm.  He made a living by selling trash of all kinds from the dump. His hands were as withered as plants in winter and his hair as white as snow. His only friend in the world was his dog by the name of Rocky, a stray black pup that always follows him.

He woke up shivering. The ground was still wet from the storm. He went out to the junkyard to see if there was a anything to sell or to eat. Even tho he was poor, he was happy. In fact he merrily strolled through the sidewalk with a booming smile. “New York is so beautiful in the morning” he thought to himself. He was accompanied by Rocky. The only thing he could find at the dump was a broken lamp to sell and a a box of half eaten pizza he shared with his dog.

Later that day, a women dressed in black by the name of Susan walked pass the old man while going home from a long day of work. She had a small bottle of water in her hand which she generously gave to the old man. Rocky popped up from behind of the old man which startled the girl and she jumped back. The old man fed Rocky the water. Susan, confused by the man’s actions, asked him why was he giving his water away to a stray. The man explained to her that this was Rocky and that he didn’t have much time left on earth but, this small pup did. 

Before Susan left, she took a picture of the old man and said that she will help him and his dog because he had inspired her to help the poor for he was a poor man but still more generous the any rich man. He didn’t know why but, he felt he could trust her. 

The next morning, the old man woke up to find a bunch of people surrounding the place he called home talking about him. They started to leave when he realized that in front of him there was a briefcase containing at least one million dollars. Out of the crowd came Susan who had shared the story of the old man’s compassion through social media. The old man was in awe. Susan told the man that he had thought her kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give before walking away.

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