A boy who believes simply doing well in school will let him succeed in life and build his business; just after graduation, learns that there is a lot more to it...

NOW! This particular boi is not different from the others, sleep deprived, mood swings, textbooks and restricted to the room dismal life. He cluelessly waits for the day his ‘incubation’ ends and dreams of the day when he is finally free, experiencing life outside, instantly earning the bucks with his booming business…

On a Friday evening he returns home, after a tiring school day and to his surprise he had no school work to do, or at least that’s what he told himself. He orders a heavy meal and enjoys it while watching a movie until late at night, his body is ready to shut down and his brain seems to rest after being burnt, because of him overthinking everything in life, finally, it seems to takes a break.

 Oh not so soon, it never stops meticulously thinking: now its REM time, he is sailing through a river full of lush Vallisneria and schools of cardinal tetras. That’s when a splash of marsh tern’s successful  catch catches his eyes, it flies to its nest where it presents its one last meal that it is responsible for providing its babies and slowly flies away, two among its three babies fly with it, as they already learned flying before when their mother showed them how to overcome adversities that they might face. The third juvie refused to leave because it believed that staying in the nest till the time it feels hungry is a safe play. He witnesses as the two baby birds learn to catch the fish by trying and learning from their elders. whereas the third watching the process: expects to be successful and better at its first try.

 Stage of deep, light and then REM returns, he finds that the third bird is now hungry and willing to  hunt, it glides straight to the water and fails to make the catch, after several failed attempts it loses energy and returns to the nest, seen as a outcast because of its belief on own esoteric abilities, its unwillingness to try has been the cause for its downfall, its sibling uncritically helps with some food, finally the bird realizes it would have died otherwise and that it has to rely on others for a long time till it actually learned to hunt.  

The boi wakes up and acknowledges he is trying to learn by watching others and not trying it himself, that day instead of another movie he watched the news on television with his father and walked out of his house, after few minutes he found a vendor selling paint, he purchased some with the money he took for ordering more food online. He painted house numbers outside every house in his community and earned money from it, then he used that money to start his online store for selling books from his garage. That time he realized that he has to try and not just learn how it works; for him to succeed when most wanted.

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