The escape from the Granny

A foreigner who tries to escape the Granny's house

During a rainy night in a house, there was a woman and wanted to commit suicide because she was facing terrible problems. When she started to prepare the poison, she continued with a wrong step causing the poison to have a different effect.

So, when she had it, she turned into some kind of monster and started killing everyone who used to trouble her. Then people got scared of her and moved out of her neighbourhood causing her to feel lonely. That’s when the people started calling that place as “grannyia”. Prior to this incident, this place name was “Springfield” because it was peaceful and happy place.

One day a foreigner who didn’t know about the place went right in front of granny’s house. Granny saw the foreigner and a strange force pulled the foreigner’s car inside the garden of granny’s house. Then the car’s door suddenly opened, the foreigner was pulled inside the house and never returned. Inside the house granny had a big pet spider which used to follow either granny or the foreigner. The foreigner was very scared when he saw granny and especially the size of her spider. He also noticed that there were like about 6 locks on the door and the keys were hidden. Once he tried finding a key at late night. After he found one key, he heard a strange noise. It was GRANNY. He ran away from her and trapped her inside the kitchen. Then he ran and tried opening the door locks. But it was no use, the spider came on time and broke the key and ate all the keys in front of the foreigner. That’s when granny broke the kitchen door and dragged the foreigner to the bedroom. She locked the foreigner inside the bedroom for many days with no food and water. The foreigner tried to find something and at last he found a box hiding behind a photo. When he opened the box, he found a gun and a hammer. Then he started thinking of what he can do with the gun and the hammer. After thinking for almost 2 hours, he got a plan and it was a good one. Then he screamed, “YAHOOOO!!! Now I can get out of this house!!!” Then granny comes and she chased the foreigner for a minute. After, sometime the foreigner opens a window and stands right in front of the window. Then granny runs towards the foreigner. The foreigner moves out of the way and granny jumps into the window. Then she screams “Gaaaaaaaaaah!” and falls down onto her pet spider making a strange noise like “SQUISHIK”. The foreigner closes the window and sits on the bed. He waited for some time and then it was time to use his plan.

So first he took the hammer and tried breaking the door. When he did, he saw granny running upstairs with her pet spider. Before they both even came upstairs both the spider and granny were shot down. He ran down the stairs as fast as he could and took the hammer. He knocked down 2 locks. He then saw granny getting up, so he took the gun and shot her again. The spider got up again and then he shot it down and the spider died. He took the hammer and started breaking the locks again. In total he broke 5 locks and there was a big lock which was not even getting a single scratch even though the foreigner used all his power in one hit. That’s when he got to know that granny was sort of immortal. So, he took the hammer and gun and performed a mega-combination attack on granny causing her to die too. Then the foreigner felt happy and then had some snack which was left in the house and then he took some rest. Every day he kept on smashing the big lock and at last he broke it and he went out of the city.

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