Instructions to participate in the ShortKahani Online Story Writing Contest 2020

short kahani

Hello! Welcome to the ShortKahani Online Short Story Writing Contest in partnership with Metamorphosis! The competition is for 5th to 8th graders and the theme for this competition is :

“Goodbye Earth, I’m moving to Mars”

Submit your story by 30th August and ensure you have registered on meraevents for your story to qualify!

Please follow the instructions to start off your story:

  1. Please read all the instructions before starting your story/ keep the instructions open in another tab, page, or device so that you can follow along while writing your story.
  2. Register on the website. Click on the “sign-in” button Capture.pngon the top right corner fill in the required information to create your own account. While creating your username, ensure that it does not have special characters or spaces.
  3. Once you have registered, click on “create a post” 1.pngwhich is on the top right corner. On clicking this option, choose the story option. Fill in the additional information before writing your story.2.png
  4. The first column is for you to add your thumbnail.3.png This is the location for you to add the image for your story and this will show up to represent your story on our website.
  5. “Choose a category”- choose the contest’s name. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO SELECT “ShortKahani Online Story Writing Contest 2020”
  6. Ignore the “Enter tags…” tab
  7. Enter the title in the “Title” tab6-1.png
  8. “Type excerpt here”- a short description of your story7.png
  9. “Type Something Here” is where you finally write your story! Your story can be up to 1000 words.8.png
  10. We suggest you write and edit your story on a Word document and once you are completely done with your story and are sure to publish it, copy it to the “Type something Here” and click “Submit”. Once you submit, your story cannot be edited again.

Congratulations! Your story has been published, you will get to know the results soon. The winner of this contest will get cash prizes and certificates too! Submit your story by 3oth August for your story to qualify!

First Place: 5000 INR + certificate

Second Place: 3000 INR + certificate

Third Place 2000 INR + certificate

Good Luck, we hope to see your story soon!

Email if you have any questions


P.S. please do ignore the meraevents widget on the side. It is only for participants who HAVE NOT paid yet. If you have paid for the competition, you may continue on to write your story!

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  1. Hi, I have already bought a ticket but I still see pop up to buy a ticket to participate in this competition. Can you check and confirm? If you need my registration number, let me know. Thanks

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