story of a boy in the kingdom of sky . This takes you through his different adventures in his happy life

7-kid-sleeping-together-with-dog-cartoon-clipart.jpgHey friends , so ya the other day I was sleeping …. wait I didn’t introduce myself did I ? Fine so ya , I am Samuel but most of my people (of course my friends ) call me Sam . I live in London .As you guys are going to be my friends you can call me as Sam tooooo.. I have a very good family , my brother-Jeremy , my mom – jessi and my dad – Patrick Oh wait it’s getting late right , so travel with me on this amazing adventure of me and you ..

CHAPTER : 1 The big dream ..

I am a really good sleeper , if you allow me I could sleep the whole day (not kidding ) . On Tuesday early morning at around 6 :30 am my boring alarm clock rang “tring tring tring”…… I was so deep in my sleep  that I could’nt even wake up when fluffy (my dog) licked me all over my face.(it sounds disgusting right ). I was in a dream in which I was the king of the kingdom of the sky . And there was suddenly a big sound “brrg brrg “ which smashed the floors and came to me i thought it was a giant monster , but to my surprise

there was no one . It was none other than my mom (jessi) trying to wake me up as it was late for my school . It started at 9:00 AM and ended at 4 :00 PM  .. and then there was my elder brother Jeremy who always put me in trouble . Usually my father wakes me up but he was in a trip in Philadelphia.. So , now that I am awake I rushed to my bathroom , brushed so fast I could have gotten a Guinness world record , I had a very cold bath , came out dressed up , packed up my bag . My bus was horning twice so I took my french toast and went on the bus . I usually sit in the last, corner bench of the bus with my best friend Sheldon , today was also the same . We reached or school  (breyliya international school )in about an hour or so . I study in 7th grade ,section -f . My brother studies in class twelve . Our school has twelve floors and we have lifts

as it was hard to climb stairs . We have ac in our class rooms and most of the classes are digital . Our ground was so big that you could fit 3 ships in it . Coming to library , books , books and books , the only difference me and my brother had was that he hated books and I loved them . My class teacher is miss Fernandez, she teaches math my favourite subject , though it was my favourite I couldn’t concentrate on it as I saw something strange , a door with blue light coming out of it!!

CHAPTER 2 – The blue light 

But I didn’t really care about the light instead i focused on our new lesson algebra. The day passed on quite normally , after a while I forgot about the light. I went back home, and within the time I realised how hungry I was I stuffed all the snacks and fell on the bed watching tv. Soon It was dinner time and today was taco night , i ate too much and went back to  sleep . To my surprise the same door , blue light , and the same dream came to me again . I tried to open the door in the dream but it was not opening . This time my father had woke me up I hugged him tight as i did not see him for over a week . The sad news was I was down with fever  and my mom had to go to Manchester for a important meeting but she didn’t want to go , my father too had gone to office and my brother was in Australia with my grand mom . I was fine with myself alone in the house , my mother kept some medicines on the side table of my bed , kissed me and left saying “take care , will come back soon ! “ . As she left i slipped into sleeping again . I woke up for water in the middle and when I was going to return to my bedroom something pulled me out of the house into a universe like thing .. there were diamonds raining in the place it took me . It was a place I never knew or even knew that it existed. I was very scared but at the same time I was very excited . It was just like the books I read in the library… It was blue and filled up with clouds I still couldn’t understand where I was . This time it was getting even scarier as noises from different places came up to me in the sound of a speaker . Finally the blue thing slowed down and it suddenly left me on the top of the earths surface . I fell on a 16 foot bean plant , the jump was quite scary though ..Then i stood on the leaf and took a tiny peek ..

                                       stay tuned to other parts to know what happened 

                                  after sam took a teeny tiny peek into the magical world!!!!!!

                      -Narrated by Sai Pradeep  Vedam and 

-Written by Indrani Vedam

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