Today was a warm and beautiful day. I, Stephen was walking through the streets. I found everyone outside to be peaceful and happy. Everyone was very contented outside and there was no disturbance. I felt as if that there was some good news about a person who everyone supports, but it was still pleasant. I came back home after the walk and my mom tells me about this competition known as basketball shootout. I was very excited after hearing about this competition and was prepared to give my name. My mom said ok. I started preparing from the next day. I used my time for this in the morning and in the evening. Slowly and slowly, I started getting better at it. I was able to showcase my talent when I and my friends play matches. I was going well but I heard that the day was coming closer. I had to practice more and more hard then before to perform well in the competition. I tried my best to work hard for the thing. 

Then the day came. I was totally hesitant but excited to see how the competition goes. There were 5 participants from different states and all of them were of my age. There was a person from Houston, California, Cleveland, Virginia and Florida. The competition was held in New York. We then started by first a layup shot. The person from Florida missed it so he was out of the game. Then free throw line shot. The person from Houston missed it so he was out. Then the game goes on. Sadly in the final where I had to vs. the person from California for 3 pointer shot. I failed and the California player won. There were awards for first, second and third place. There was also money given for the awarded players. As I got second, I got a medal, a certificate and cash of $5000. I was glad to get the awards and all of this came from my hard work. I felt very happy and wanted to share the news with all of my friends and family. I called them and spread the news, kept it on social media and went to my grandparent’s houses to share the information. As I live in a villa, I thought of sharing it with all my community members as well as my neighbors. While I was going to their houses, suddenly the Mayor of the state was being rushed to the hospital. As my neighbors knew them, they also served in taking them to the hospital. When they reached the hospital, they saw that his brain got damaged and it costed $4500 for the treatment. I followed them into the ICU department and then thought for a while. “If he is our mayor, that basically means he is the one who is the caretaker of the state” “If he is not rescued, our state won’t have a person to look after the state’s needs” was what I thought. I just thought to give my money which I received in the competition as a token of kindness for the Mayor. I went to my home as fast as I can, got the money and ran as a cheetah to the hospital. I gave my money for the treatment and the mayor was saved.

Moral – You should always treat any person who is trying their best for their state or country. They are people who let you live a good life. 

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