Never Give Up

There was once a small girl named Angelina.  She was a great dancer but she never believed in herself. She thought she could never perform onstage. Angelina wanted to be something great, she thought a dancer was nothing. She wanted to be a star or a lawyer when she grows up. Never wanted to fail either. She always wanted to be center of attention but never could. 

One day she thought for a while “When I grow up I want to be something great, right?” she said to herself. So little Angelina got ready grabbed a scarf and went out for a nice walk. It was cold, breezy, and snowflakes started to fall. She kept walking even though it was cold. Soon she saw a man who was singing loudly and beautifully. Angelina knew that man had that talent and so did she. She believed that she could sing. So she decided to do a grand performance in front of the town when she feels that she is ready to do so.

3 years passed, 

Angelina spent 3 years by practicing music and setting up a show for the town to watch. For the first time, she knew she could do this. She practiced everywhere she went, she practiced at home, in the car and even backstage. There was a month left for the big show. Angelina called people for setting up the stage, putting up props and setting the mics and the people who play the instruments.

Finally, after loads and loads of practice, the day came. Angelina double and triple checked everything. Everyone would say Angelina was overconfident. Then it struck seven o clock it was time for the show Angelina was sure looking like a diva. Then the instruments started playing, it was time for Angelina to sing but she didn’t. All the words got mixed up in her head. She stumbled and mumbled she practiced way too much and she got overconfident. Angelina ran down the stage and felt like never performing again.

Then once came a time that finally Angelina realized her mistake she cant just mess around with a talent which she doesn’t have. She understood that dance was her true talent. 

Again one day, a few months later, she did a performance on stage and this time it was dance she did beyond amazing she was fabtastic (fabulous + fantastic). The crowd loved her performance and always came back for more and more and more.

And that was the story of dear Angelina who never gave up.

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