My lovely friend Romila

These incidents dedicated to one of my loveliest friend, with whom I had spent such lively time in my life….

I think friends are one’s  in front of whom you can express in the way you are without thinking whether you are talking smart or silly.

When I first saw Romila in the college in the girl’s common room, I looked at her for few seconds then I turned my eyes away but after turning my eyes away I could still feel sense of comfort zone was floating in my body, and I was still felt connected to her in my mind.

The reason I say this when you go to any new place, people do not show you their actual behaviour and they pretend to be something else, but when I saw Romila she just looked like herself,  I think this is the key personality characteristic which attracts me toward other person.

It was afternoon now, and I was about to leave the colleage to go to home. I get out from the girls common room and started walking towards the bus stand of okhla, then I heard someone is calling me by name, when I looked back it was Romila who was calling my name, and then first time she introduced to herself and I to her.

We both started walking towards the bus stand, she said she is from jammu and now living in Meera Bai hostal.

It was 15 min walk from our colleage to bus stand. I did not  relised how those 15 min were passed so quickly.

Although Romila and me were totally different in our behaviours and liking at that time, but there was natural bonding between us, which I could feel from very first day.

But then after few weeks, something happened (I will explain this later on) and we had some argument and we did not talked to each other for complete one year, and after one year something I felt in my heart, I initiated a talk with her, Iand afterwards we were friends for 16 to 17 years.

When I am writing this incident in my room in Dwarka, I was imagining if Romila will just come in front of me in this room. But that is imagination. 

Whenever we use to meet each other, we both get so deeply involved in talking to each other, or to look after and care for each other,  if any outsider see us they hardly makes any difference like who is Romila and who is Mona. It is like we see as paired entity but not separate. 

There was a another lovely incident when I started working in Teleatlas, Romila and me quite often use to go outside, and one day we were roaming in the market, and then we went to a Temple. 

We both were continuously talking to each other like a sparrows.  Then suddenly Pandit of the temple said , Sona, Mona “Prasad le” lo, and when we heard this we both started laughing so loudly,  and said to each other with a pride that “we looked same to the outsiders as well”. And we both were so pleased to receive that remark from Pandit,  which sort of affidavit for us that we both are one.

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