Mr. Jongi on Mars

This story is about a man named Mr. Jongi who went all the way to Mars to meet Corona virus which he thought was visible.

Once there lived a man called Mr. Jongi. He was a very dumb man.
He lived with his brother Mr. Chini chin chin. 

One day he heard about Corona virus from his brother. He thought ”I must find this person called Corona virus, he seems very popular”. So, he went all around the earth and looked for the virus in every corner possible. But he did not find it.

So, he thought about something great. He thought ”Maybe there is no virus here but what if I find him on Mars”.

Thus, he joined NASA and got trained to go to Mars. He told his trainer that he wishes to go and place the Indian flag on Mars and come back. 

After he was trained and ready, he informed his brother about his mission and left for Mars. He was supposed to put the Indian flag and come back immediately. 

However, his actual plan was to look for Corona virus. So, he stayed back and went around touring Mars to look for the virus.

Soon he saw something moving and thought it was the virus. Happily, he went closer to meet him but he saw they were metal giants which were actually Aliens. He wanted to ask them if they knew where to find Corona virus.

As he went closer to the Aliens, he suddenly saw something else. It was a marketplace! There were fruits as large as humans and trees as tall as a twenty-story building. 

He was surprised and thought ”These people eat fruits which are as huge as me and the trees are as tall as the buildings on our Earth. Does this mean they can eat me up too”! He was terrified.

So, he slipped out of the marketplace quietly and started to walk back to his spaceship.

Suddenly, he saw something frozen in front of him. He thought ”This could be the virus’s house, maybe I can meet him before I leave”. 

Now he carefully started breaking the ice. But to his surprise, this ice was a lake and so with one small force, it broke and all the water came gushing out. Mr. Jongi had to swim out of it. 

He then thought ”This place looks very dangerous. Let me go back to Earth”.

So, he left his mission of finding Corona virus and quickly went back to the spaceship and returned to Earth. 

As soon as he landed, his trainer asked him where he had been so long and why it took him this long to place the flag and return. To that he replied “I actually went to find and meet Corona virus on Mars as I could not find him on Earth.” The trainer had a puzzled look on his face and before he could say anything, Mr. Jongi left.

On reaching home, his brother, Mr. Chini chin chin, who was anxious about his trip, asked if his mission was accomplished. To which Mr. Jongi said “No” and went on to explain his real reason for visiting Mars.

On hearing the entire story, his brother banged his head and told Mr. Jongi that Corona virus is not a person but an invisible being. He thought that now Mr. Jongi understood.

However, as we know Mr. Jongi is a dumb person, he thought “What if I try and make Corona virus visible to all, then I will become famous”.😊

                                                     THANK YOU

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