Mother Nature

About two girls who are total tomboys.Go hiking and a miracle comes in there way......

 One day there was a hiking competition and of course she gave her name. She planned to go with her best friend Sandy, they both are family friends and bff ‘s (BEST FRIEND FOREVER).

On the day of the hike they got ever thing they needed. First they have to cross a lake with their boat, then it will lead to dry land and a 2hour hike to a land where they will get the supplies .Then they have to hike in the hill and will reach which will take 48hours to reach the END. 

Ella and Sandy reached the river and kept their boat on water. They hoped on to the boat for rafting and Sandy was very scared. The current of the river was very rough. They almost lost their food and supplies.After the horrible ride they reached dry land it was night time. So they put up a small camp. It was 12:30 am. 

Sandy and Ella were fast asleep…BOOM! Ella woke up friend “WHAT WAS THAT?!?”she said and got up and walked to the entrance. Ella looked outside it was an old lady she wore a green dress and her hair was left open with flowers on it she looked up and it was raining Ella took the lady inside before she said anything Ella woke Sandy up and she  explained about the lady.”OK OK OK” said Sandy “CAN I HAVE SOME BREAD OR MILK WOULD BE BETTER” said the old lady,” YA I CAN FIX SOMETHING UP FOR YOU” said Ella and talked to Sandy with a glare . They gave her milk and bread the lady said thank you and left. “OH NO SHE LEFT HER BAG “said Ella shouted and ran outside but no one was there. 

The next day the packed and left and they put the bag there under a tree. After they reached the store they resupplied and left soon it was night and the same thing which happened last night happened again. At the last night she came but they pulled her in and asked her who she was “HA HA!! I AM MOTHER NATURE…WAIT LET ME SLIP INTO SOMETHING COMFORTABLE “said the old lady (mother nature) BOOM!! She was a beautiful person she had long wavy hair, a beautiful green dress, sparkling eyes “ I THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS YOU WILL WIN THE COMPETITION “ said mother nature .They won the competition . 

Till date Ella and Sandy are super kind to everyone they meet .

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