Memories of my lovely Mom (No. 1)

It was a lovely and kiddish day I spent with my mom, I was bit surprised and very happy to see that form of my mother, but it was very lovely day for me and so refreshing in my memories.

We lived in a Sarojini Nagar, Delhi , when I say we , it was me, my mother and my father. My younger cutie sister was studying a M.SC in Patiala (city in Punjab).  As she feels home sick quite often, so my father usually travel every Friday early morning to Patiala and they both use to arrive somewhere between 10.00 pm  to 11.00 pm on same day.

My whole fatty lovely family was just found of three things, 1: enjoy all types of cooked food from outside, 2: Wear lovely clothes and look smart and dashing, 3: Just enjoy your life.

And me and my sister taught 2 values, 1: always be honest, 2 :do not run after money rather be a good human being, papa still use to said “ paisa to kisi ka nahi hota, aur na kabhi uska moh karna chayiee“…I do not remember the exact words but he quite often say this.

So coming back to my lovely moment part.

Day before my father left, me and my mom, asked to bring lot of nice eatables from Reliance store, along with two raw coconut to drink it’s water.

I think it was 9.00 am next day in the morning, me and my mom both sat in the drawing room and turned on the television, we both were found of Harry Potter movies, luckily it was a day when they were showing all the series in a day, and we both started watching harry potter movies, bas phir kya tha after some time I go to the kitchen, or open the fridge and bring something to eat for both of us but we were not putting dirty dishes in the kitchen else we left it somewhere on the room floor, 

When we drank coconut water from those two raw coconut, we just threw the empty coconut in the room.

We both were laughing and enjoying the movies for about 10 to 12 hrs, and we did not realize what messy shape we gave it  to the room by throwing every rubbish and dirty dishes here and there.

That day we both behaved like a kids who just gave the shape to the room in the way they want and we both enjoyed that day to fullest.

It was then somewhere around 9.30 pm in the night, my father rang on mobile phone and said we will be there in a next half an hour, we both were very happy that my father and sister are coming.

But on the other second we looked into the room, it was messy, and I Remember my mom said anxiously…oh ! Mona (my name) roomdi ki haalhai chal phtaphat saaf kar de,   I just jumped from the sofa, started cleaning the room hurriedly,  and I managed to clean that before they came in.

It was lovely carefree day I had spent with my mom, like I use to spent with my friends.

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