Lost in Time (Part 2)

I was genuinely shocked by what I read. On the archives to that device was the crew mission of my entire team. The report concluded that we were missing and that they lost contact with us just months after our mission started. We were confused and dead sick. In one corner, we had our medic breathing into a bag heavily not understanding what is going on and not knowing what to believe while in the other we have our Engineer frantically going through the files. The technology on this station was beyond what our Engineers could comprehend and there was no way to find our way around the place. The crew is still recovering from the shock while I start to take a walk around the place and try to explore what this station truly hides. My mind is still trying to process what is going on in this place and honestly, being in a place of panicking people does not help me think. So, I just got up, turned around and walked out of the door, telling them that I would be exploring the place and to call me if required. I take a few random turns and find myself in the kitchen of this place. Cool! Food always helps cure some stress. Although the place still managed to follow Earth English, I was not dumb enough to trust this place and the food it would hold. Entering the room, there was just one huge board writing kitchen across the top. It was not much of a traditional kitchen, but hey, not like I would start cooking here or something. I start to see what food is it that these people eat and sit down on a chair facing this screen. Just as I sit down, the metallic walls of the room start to brighten up and the circuit wires running along the sides of the place were glowing. The place genuinely looked lively although it was a bit stuffy as all there was here was just a chair and a huge screen. Just as the walls lit up to full brightness, the screen tried starting after giving a few noisy grunts. The screen sparked back to life and I was brought to a menu page full of delicacies which I know and love. If being baffled about how this place still understood English was not bad enough, this place was now even serving Enchiladas. At this point, the similarities between the planet owning this station and Earth are way too many to just be a coincidence. The screen started to show me an array of various dishes from tacos to pizza and noodles to even tandoori chicken. I wanted to play this safe and asked for the safest option available. Just to remind you, I still have my helmet on as although there is air here, it has not been checked yet. I chose a glass of water and then I was taken to another screen here. This screen looked peculiar as there was no regular water available, but there was some special flavored water present to drink. Excellent! I can now see what flavored water these people drink and find its ingredients tested to see what these people consume daily. I chose the option of flavored water and after a cute animation of the ISC and a couple of more grunting noises, the screen bent forwards in the form of a table and I have presented a glass of ominously red-colored liquid, definitely frozen. So, either this place has a room temperature below freezing temperature or this place as a great cooling system. I did not want to drink it as it looked weirdly red so I just pocketed the ice cube and gave the glass back. The screen came back up screeching and I was now presented with a slideshow of advertisements. I thought to myself, “years and years of technological advancements to get people into outer space all for astronauts to be advertised head pops from Billbellboy’s.” Sure, the head pops have high protein and all, but come on, give people who spent their whole lives training to get into space some more respect than just forcing them advertising. I sighed and clicked on the advertisement to see what a “head pop” would look like. This time the machine seriously struggled to give the meal. All I could hear was severe crunching, loud whooshing, and worrying clanking noise. I just thought that this place is thought as this point that the thermostat was probably broken as all the food and drinks were frozen. After a while, the screen bent back again to present me the head pop. When the machine gave me some water, the screen on the wall bent backward and created this cut out while the glass was passed through from doors behind the screen. The doors facing me swung open and coming through the conveyer belt was more than just pop as it was just this huge chunk of meat. It was still deep inside so I could not see properly until suddenly there was a power surge and the lights went all bright. All I could see was something red with a bit of hair (gross) come towards me. The power surge sped up the conveyer belt and the meat flew straight at my helmet at full force, whacking me to the ground. The meat rolled to the left and I struggled to catch my breath. I turned left to see what the heck did this place just give me to eat and I realized that I just came face to face with the head of another human, eyes wide open and staring at me.

If there was air in space, I am pretty sure the folks back home could hear me scream at the top of my lungs. Lucky for them, there was no way for them to hear me, but not lucky for my crew, we still had our comms on. So, they just spent ten minutes listening to me scream at the top of my lungs before they all ask me what happened. I was a bit startled by all this, but I am used to death and dead people so I gently pick up the head and start to head back to the main area. My crew was frantically asking what on earth happened but all I was telling them is to wait and see what I found. I take a while finding my way, but start to follow the path I took to the place based on footprints in the dust on the floor. I get near the main area and kick to the door open. My crew gasps at me entering and ask me what happened and I was alright. I present the empty head to them and place it on a table to the side. At this point, I am genuinely surprised that our radio did not give up on us as all my crew screamed at the top of their lungs seeing the head. Of the eight of us, five people fainted while I, the doctor and the botanist sighed in disappointment. Knowing the doctor has some equipment of his own, I pass him over the frozen cube of “flavored water”. As soon as the cube touched his hand, he immediately told me that this was frozen blood. At that moment, I had two questions: What in the name of science happened here that I was now presented human heads as food, and should I be worried that the doctor knows exactly how frozen blood looks like instinctively. Ignoring the latter, I began searching for some kind of log or record where the astronauts kept track of all their information. The main area was a reserve of files and all I could find were mission documents and a “who we are and what ISC does”. Well, something is better than nothing. I click on the video and the three of us huddle up to get as much information as we can. I’d like to say, I was not surprised when our host for the info guide about what ISC was Mickey Mouse, but I did expect some level of formality and relevance from the organization. Mickey Mouse told us that we were in for a ride and took us back to the beginning in a place called Washington where people there created the NACA. This organization was the United States’ first attempt at doing something major related to space dating way back to 1946. After the most cartoonish intro I have ever seen for a government document, the file started to corrupt and Mickey Mouse… didn’t look cute anymore. It was scary but soon, the file became normal and Mickey Mouse started to speak again. He said, “(typical mickey sound), Gorsh! After the sad, sad loss of our dear, dear astronauts, the ICAST dismantled and was replaced by the ISC in 2130 with a new governing body taking charge of all missions.” At this point, I have honestly given up trying to play dumb and think that this was all just one big coincidence. No. we have traveled to the future and there is no excuse out of this. We have come to over 100 years into the future only to be presented with frozen blood and a decapitated head of a person. This was either the most elaborate April fools’ prank in the universe, the world’s most expensive reality TV show or we just actually straight-up traveled into the future with the wormhole and landed ourselves in the middle of a dystopian future. I was just stressed, confused and anxious. I heaved a sigh and sat down on a chair which was shot a few times. The entire place was surprisingly covered in the dust of some sort, but our chemist was still out cold because of the head so I could not ask him what this was. I look around for a fan and find a switch saying ventilation. I switched it on and the powder-like dust started to clear out leaving the shiny metal floor behind. As the dust began to clear, a few marks started to appear, especially around my chair. The dust finally clears out fully and to our surprise, there was blood on the floor.

I had just given up at the point on whether there was some alien here and started to follow the trail of blood starting from my chair. As I started to follow the trail, more separate trails were joining the one I was following, all leading to the same area: the kitchen. The trails all go towards the kitchen, but right before entering the kitchen, they turn left in front of the door and go into the wall. The wall said food storage and on pushing a button, a small compartment opened up and a trail of blood went inside. I would spare you the gruesome details, but basically, people were killed in this place and stored in this food storage. This explains the head flying at my face and why the machine struggled to give me food properly, but this does not solve WHO THE HECK ARE THESE PEOPLE. We had not even reached the surface of the planet and we are already bombarded with so many questions that my brain started hurting. As we enter the food storage room, the lights light up but struggle to illuminate the room. The lights were dim, but what we saw in that room was enough to make me question the sanity of these creatures. These fellow astronauts were human-like and their bodies were all just stuffed into the food processor to hide any evidence. These astronauts wore two different kinds of space suits however, one wearing complete white while the other wearing complete black. The white suit showcased the emblem of the ISC while the black suits had some logo with a crazy pirate. All this not only got me wondering what happened here but also piqued my interest in what caused such a massacre. This was probably the most brutal murders to have taken place and all I have witnessed was just what we believe to be the beginning.

The rest of the fainted crew wakes up and the three of us make our way back, counting the number of trails there were as we made our way back to the center. By the time we reached, the techy people have managed to connect the advanced technology this ship holds and are now trying to find any files which may give us any form of information we can get. We were all thinking for ideas when the most logical idea popped into my head and I wondered how all of us were such idiots. I asked where on earth is the ship’s flight deck and why are we not exploring that area first. From the conveniently placed map on the wall, we all quickly rush to the flight deck to get more answers about the place. The flight deck was not raided by whoever attacked the astronauts on board as all the controls were still intact and several messages were pouring in from the control panels. We opened all the various messages for clues and the first message we see: hello from Houston, code void, good luck soldiers. This was all new. We do not know what was code void and we just kept getting more confused about what happened here. We begin to clear the room realizing that this was all a mistake and try to get some other information, but everything was encrypted with technologies far better than ours. Just as we were about to walk out, we finally managed to get in touch with ICAST back home and asked what in the name of everything that is living is going on. Just as we were hearing the voice, we realized that this was just a voice recording and nothing more. The voice recording was of the president of the United States who told us about a new code he is enacting in the case of a nuclear fallout amidst all the tension growing in the area. He said that this code will never be changed and would be called code void. Code void. The code which was used by the ISC to warn its astronauts

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