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“Woo…hoo”, today is the first day of my life. My name is Green. I am a leaf and if you think it is trivial. hey, I cannot help it. It is pretty boring being a leaf glued to a branch and all I do is just stand there and look at the cars, bikes, and clouds go by. I do not know why the surrounding leaves get scared when a human is close by, it gets me wondering. I grew and grew among the fear of humans, this is getting me worried, so I felt that even I should start having a fear for the dominating rulers. The world is messed up, we give oxygen to the people, WE GIVE THEM OXYGEN, they should thank us not kill us.


Today I am the happiest leaf of the tree because I just proved myself and passed the ‘physical test’ to show that I am a big leaf, It was a very exciting day for me. The test was very tough and demanding but we had to do it to prove that we were not small by showing our strength, height, weight, agility, and speed.


Today is the day I get my diploma, after 50 days of school. It was a very exciting journey at school and I am proud that I finished it. I had learned many things from my little leaf school on the fifth branch street. It was fun playing with friends and learning concepts like Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English and Physical activities.


Today is the day I realized that I should have listened to my friends that humans were the main rulers and powerful. Today I was plucked from my tree because I grew to become the tallest among my tree mates. In about an hour I was bagged in plastic bags with a few other tall big leaves and taken away from my tree forever. In few minutes I was taken to a place close by and inside. I did not know what to do, I could not escape. I was picked up with the other leaves and scrubbed and washed. I was placed in burning hot chemicals, don’t worry I am a leaf I do not feel this stuff. After all the processes you call ‘painful’ was over I was not green, but WHITE. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. Get me back to normal somebody, you Homo sapiens, get me back to myself. Where did the tall Mr. Green go, THIS IS TORTURE.


‘WOW, that was a very bad dream. I thought that I had become Mr. White. Hmm, I fell a bit light today, I wonder if I was not eating well,’. I look down at myself and realize this was not a dream but reality. I do not know what to do, now that I am placed in a box labelled as ‘PAPER’. Hooray I am officially a thing called paper. I do not know what they will do with me right now. I feel I need a break, maybe a leafed nap. I do not feel right calling it ‘leafed’ now that I am a piece of paper, so now I will call ‘papered’ nap and with mixed feelings I slept tight!!


I am finally taken out of my bundle and I was part of the ‘lucky three’ to be taken for the book cover. I was mixed with the other papers along with water and was put in as a lump in the ‘squeezer’ and ‘squished’. I do not know what to say, at least I am still the top paper. The whole book cover was placed on a tray and a bunch of papers full of black and white were placed between us. Here on we were called a ‘book’ together, “Hooray” we all are a team called the book. Go book go. And after that we were packed in a box (I know what a box is, its kind of my cousin u know) labelled as ‘Harry Potter’. Then the box had been closed and I do not know where this adventure of mine will take me.


So here I am being a book in a box full of the same books, this is funny because if I was a human I would have asked for a variety. Why did I realize this fact now you may ask, well because the whole time I was stuck in a box. I could not see anything because it was completely dark. The only downside of being a book cover is that I cannot move like how I used to unless the human fingers flip me. Suddenly, the box opened and the light almost blinded me. A man picked all the books, book by book, and put us on a shelf.


The days passed and the books were being picked away from the shelf, I was hoping that one day even I would go because staying here was so boring. During lunch time a man dressed in blue came and picked a bunch of books including me and put us in his bag. He paid the man with paper money for us and I just don’t understand how one paper has so much value to buy bundle of papers in the Book?!? He took us on his bike and off we went to the new home of mine. We were taken to a place called ‘’. This made no sense to me as to why would a person buy a book and make another person he does not know to buy it again.


I just realized that no one had ordered me and I was just sitting there on a rustic small shelf, but I was lucky enough to stay near the computer. This was fun because here I was learning what people do for entertainment. I thought this would be fun but I take my word back, all they do is watch movies on the internet in three different languages but the only language I understand in “Leavenglish”.

Do not worry about me speaking in Leavenglish because the words in Leavenglish does not have any major difference with English. You see that you are able to understand me right now, so it should not be much of an issue.


The days passed and these humans were driving me crazy with their videos on the computer. Later on in the day I was finally ordered and taken out of the shelf. This was very exciting because I finally get to get out of this place because these humans were driving me crazy. The man packed me in a bubble cover and I was delivered to a human boy.


Today I was finally opened from my package and the human boy was pretty sad on seeing me. I was wondering what happened because I heard that if paper tears then it can never be put back together just like a leaf. The boy later said that this was not the book he wanted because he already read it. The human mother called the customer support at ‘’ to return it. Oh no, not again, I may have to watch those human videos.


Today I was ordered again by a stranger, and when I was shipped the delivery boy was equally confused like me as the place was filled with broken furniture (looked like my home full of branches). I mean I do not want to be judgmental but who would live in a place like this. So I was taken back to yours truly (I hope you understand).


Today I was finally ordered again, hopefully to a person who exists and alive wants me. The delivery boy was very suspicious about this order because the address given was leading to a very spooky looking house. When the door opened, it scared the living chlorophyll out of me. The human who opened the door had teeth big enough to eat me as a whole. The man ran in freight and we went back.


Somebody, please save me because the people are driving me bonkers. These people have no sensitivity towards me. On the other hand, the store was sick of pacing and unpacking me again n again. I was taken to a boy far away from the borders who was very excited to see me. The delivery person got his money and left. The boy unwrapped me and screamed in a language foreign to me. He wanted an exchange as I was in a whole different language which they do not speak. I was brought back to (abbreviation?) and the people there thought I was bad luck. The people sold me to a new internet book buying shop called ‘’ and I felt the step they have taken was quite insulting.


The new store did not have any bad luck with me but I was wondering, why other books got sold like hotcakes but not me. The thing that got me worried was that I was not being sold and if I never sell then what will they do to me?


Today I am celebrating one year in the book shop. The store does not even want to sell me at all. I am very scared right now. Until then ciao, and to make it a point, I will never write again


I am writing this entry after so long because I am celebrating my 50thyear in ‘’. I have not written much in my diary nowadays even though my life has been very eventful. Ok, call me crazy but I am having a lot of fun here because these guys tell me their secrets when in distress thinking I am just a book and I can’t hear them. I made many friends this way like my good friends like Joey (since 2026), Mark (since 2018), Alfred (since 2034), Leo (since 2049), and Rohit (since 2052, he is pretty new). See you in 50 years!


Today I feel just like the way I felt when I was taken from the tree because the people in this place have decided that they should take me to the ‘first ever annual showpiece auction’. The people took so much care for me so that I become money in the future. Well, at least I get to go out of here because these guys were giving me nightmares like ‘VOLDERMORT’ (from my own pages). I was taken outside the shop after 100 years. Everyone in the auction had a bunch of stuff which looked funny and old. I was the first book to be auctioned. The starting price was 10,000 rupees; it was raised to 12,000. Then it went on and on and ON. This was thrilling and fun. Thrilling because all they did was fight. Fun because they were fighting for ME. In the end, a person named David won the auction after raising the cost of me until it reached 2,56,31,000 rupees. WOW, that is some huge money right there. The man picked me up, gave the money, and went to a shop to buy a display case. I was placed in a very soft and comfortable case. The man took me home and put it as a part of his Study room fancy Showcase. I was the cynosure of all eyes. Here I realize that my whole life was not normal, and it was very adventurous, but in the end, I became as immobile as I was on the tree. Life took a full circle, and was it worth all the wait? Well, kind of!!

-From the Diary of Mr. Green!

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