Kindness over money

This is a true story of a lady who tries to explain to another that money is not the only existing on this world.

I was at the super market with my parents. It was night and I had come to buy a pen. After we came out, my mom had to pull the car so she told me to wait outside. I sat on the bench and waited. I saw a lady, she looked rich and extremely proud of something. She was waiting for someone to come too. Right then, a poor looking lady, wearing ragged clothes, came up to the rich lady, and exclaimed “Hi Monica! Do you remember me? I am Ria, your college mate a lot of years ago. You haven’t changed a lot since then!”. Monica recognized Ria, and said “Oh, hi Ria, its been a long time indeed. Anyway, what are you doing here? Whom are you waiting for?”. Ria replied saying that she was here to shop for  a few important things and that her son would come and pick her up. Monica said that it was the same case for her too. Right then, Ria’s son Sam came up and kissed his mom. The he offered to hold the bags for his mom and told her he would be waiting for her in the car. Soon, Monica’s son Tim came up to his mom and starts yelling at her for coming late. Then he says that he will be counting 120 seconds and she had to be in the car. After he left, Monica told Ria that her son had passed out of Stanford and has his own business now. She also mentions that he had a fancy house in the hills. Ria listened patiently. Soon Monica asked Ria about what Sam was doing and asked her if he went to Stanford, owned a business and had a fancy house in the hills (even though she knew the answer to that). Ria, not hesitating, told Monica that Sam didn’t even finish school, worked under a man and lived with her in a small apartment. “Oh! That’s too bad! I feel really bad for you” exclaimed Monica. Ria took a deep breath, and said “Monica, money doesn’t matter. Even though your son studied in a big school, has a big business and owns a fancy house, he doesn’t care about you or your wishes. My son stayed back instead of going to school because he wanted to take care of me since my husband died. He works in a charity and even though he doesn’t get paid much, he enjoys his job. Your son is busy, my son is happy. My son stayed back with me instead of buying a new house because he didn’t want to leave me alone in a house. This is how much my son cares about me. Monica, success doesn’t give you happiness but happiness can give you success.” 

Saying this, Ria takes leave. My mom was calling me too so I had to leave, but I will never forget the words said by that lady.  

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