Goodbye Earth, I’m moving to Mars

Earth, the planet that has been in existence for the past 4.5 billion years is now under threat from the misdeeds of the mankind for which we'll have to leave Earth.

Hi Earth, you are  4.54 billion years old. My journey with you has been for more than 10 years. Do you realize why you are so special compared to other planets? I have learnt that you are the only planet where human beings, trees, animals, birds, air and water are found and you are the third planet in our Solar System where it is not too hot nor too cold.

I wanted to know more about you, so one day I asked my grandfather to tell me about earth. Grandfather said that our earth is covered with 70 percent of water and 30 percent of land. He shared about his childhood days, that the earth was a green world, it was filled with flora and fauna. There were many lakes and ponds. There were playgrounds were he used to play with his friends. Agriculture was the main occupation of people so we could see green fields into the distance. There were fewer vehicles, so no pollution. People loved nature and lived a healthy life.

The journey of life on earth is becoming difficult due to pollution as humans are polluting water by throwing garbage that is leading to the death of water animals, factories are letting out chemical gas into the atmosphere, which leads to air pollution due to which   people suffer from many diseases. People burn crackers leading to sound pollution. Humans have cut down forests to build houses which has led to many animals becoming homeless. Also, cutting down of many trees leads to soil erosion. Lakes and ponds are hardly seen nowadays as they are being converted to landfills for housing purposes. Natural causes such as floods have destroyed large amounts of food grains and farmers using chemicals pesticides has damaged the fertility of the soil. Forest fires caused by nature or humans has led to the death and extinction of many animals. Birds and animals such as Dodo, Tasmanian Tiger, Baiji White Dolphin are extinct and One-horned Rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, Indian vulture, sparrow are endangered. As people started using more mobiles there were more and more network towers setup. Now the harmful rays from these towers and phones has caused a large destruction in the bird life. Humans have become so heartless that they abuse animals and kill them for  fulfilling their greed. It is so sad to say that a dangerous disease, CO-VID 19 has spread throughout the world, killing lakhs of people. All these reasons are destroying the earth and making it  difficult for us to survive.

Now, I am going in search of a planet where I can survive. I feel sad that I will be leaving you.

Goodbye Earth, I am moving to Mars!


Words & Meanings

1- pesticides : chemical substance used to kill animals that eat crops

2- landfills : a place where large amount of garbage is buried under the soil

3- extinct : no longer existing

4- endangered : in danger of disappearing from the world

5- destruction : to destroy something


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