Goodbye earth I’m going to Mars

About a boy who doesn't believe in studying until his father approaches him. His way of thinking with his father's? Carry along to read a story with twists and guilt

There once lived a boy who had a dream of going to Mars and being a astronaut, he thought he can become an astronaut without education, after his father said astronaut is nothing without education and after that he was so doomed he can’t do anything so he pretty much left hope and turned out to dream of taking something which didn’t have the need to study or learn anything about the particular topic.

His father was so angry at him and asked him to study , but his son denied it without hesitation, thinking that a piece of paper of his examination didn’t determine his future. He always thought that one can achieve success by money or fame, not hard work or education.

After a year of his father begging him to study, he forced him or also severely punished him for gaining the determination to study for what he wants to achieve in life. After days of negotiating his son finally accepted and he started studying for NASA.

After years of studying and hard work. He realized that studying for what he loves isn’t a big deal. He regretted that he wasted all this years for useless stuff. After a few months he was accepted in the NASA Coaching/ University and studied there. And then he was finally ready for his first mission and his first mission is to fix the satellite, namely, Chandrayan I, for it had stopped sending important information. In the rocket, he was hoping it wasn’t a clumsy start, he realized that he could do it with a little confidence and tried hard, apart from all the years of disagreeing with his father about hard work. He accomplished it finally, everyone in the University was proud of him, and his second mission was to go to Mars and he was exited for his mission since it was his dream since a young age. It was a extraordinary thought of watching the textures of Mars from a spaceship. He was shedding tears of happiness and was grateful that his father pushed him into this.  As soon as he got launched into space to Mars, he thought of all the negative things which would happen If he hadn’t taken the opportunity to study well. 

He jumped into the spaceship like there was no tomorrow. The journey was usually according to the plan set for 3 days. But he didn’t return for approximately 6 days. 

Of course everyone was very worried. A few days later, being the 9th day from the start of journey, he saw the face of earth. There were so many differences apart. He personally took the challenge to himself while being up there to identify and classify the differences between Mars and earth. 

After keen observation, being the extra day he was there. He found out lives could be lived on Mars. That was a new thing to be found since it was the year 2048 and the mother earth was devastating with forces like pollution and other things like global warming and the degradation of the ozone. 

After the 8th day he finally returned, he was there, expressing the secrets of Mars and explaining how life could be found. Everyone in the country, even the world was proud of him, for he had discovered a secret never to be looked into.

It accomplished a feeling of guilt and happiness. His father could not believe anything. He is what we call a proud one.

After few years, being a good scientist exploring ways of how Mars can relate to the facilities of earth, he thought that since earth is being eaten up piece by piece by human community, it was time everyone said, “Goodbye Earth, I’m going to Mars”.


This story is a representation of how excellent a thoughts of a father can be and also of how hard work and determination can pave a path towards what we call success.

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