Good Bye Earth, I am going to Mars.

Earth as person goes to Mars become family of the universe and comes back.

“Good bye Earth, I am going to Mars”




Before my Earth was were clean but now there is plastic pollution in water, air pollution where corona exists. So, I am in home quarantine. Everything is virtual. So, I am getting bored. I can’t go out to go to my friends. I can’t go to school nor to relative’s house. Everything is in the laptop. My laptop is my school my phone are my relatives in video call. So that is our problem Earth. We pollute you every day 

I am sorry for that and we even pollute your air. You gave birth to the Chinese. So, they ate Snakes and bats and got corona and spread it all around the earth. You gave birth to very dangerous animal that kill us. You gave birth to some intelligent people of the world and developed your-self, but forgot to develop us. Earth you are great I like you, but you did not keep all the continents in the same place side to side. You made god who is good and demons who are bad and take over the world. You are the great in our galaxy and were born in such a good place in the universe. Now our sun is going to dieif you can go to another galaxy. Do you have any brothers Earth? You have lot of resources like gold, diamonds, metal, copper and iron etc. But you will die one day. Then how will we live? But you made one thing I don’t like that is war violence but I want non-violence. You are great my Earth and you made me happy I want to make you happy what can I do for you? Should I not go to mars. No that is not possible because for the future generations. I am sorry that I spoke somethings rude because it is good for our people please forgive me and people still pollute you when we say them to stop, I was rude on you because of that dirty people sorry once again my Earth from now I am not going to be rude with you. You created such a nice beach’s but why did you create the Ber -muda triangle sorry I was rude again I went a bit emotional for the good people who did not do anything to you is that ok with you and why do you not use the internet stuff. Ooh you don’t have phone but we can’t makesuch a big phone. So that is not so possible because we the world half size it will fall in the water and break to make it we need the hole land to join together to make that phone but you can peak into a humans phone and use that is that ok to you earth or you can peak into my laptop what we are doing Earth. Earth why can’t you come to Earth as a human I want to see you Earth as a human is it ok or not ok. Hoe ever we are leaving to Mars. What you want to come to Mars but who will take care of Earth what I should be Earth for some days ok but you should go as a human like me and talk like me Earth and have regular contact with me ok bye. The next day, Earth lift yay Earth are you having fun in Mars I want to meet mars can you give him the phone what he is busy ok when he is not busy call him ok.  After an hour Hello Earth can you give the call to Mars, Hi Mars I am Aarush I sent earth and   I took Earth’s place what my friends came to Earth and Earth is refusing to come back can you give him the Phone ok Hello Earth come back right now because the Earth is moving far away form Mars no come back or I will have to come there ok Mars leave him. The next day, Earth why did you say that now I am not going to talk to you. The next, day sorry Earth I was so rude because I was not able to be you and it was so difficult. If you give a son, he could take care of is so get marred with Mars you will be happy ok Mars will you marry Earth of course ok. Earth Mars wants to marry you ok. After one year, hi Earth and Mars how are you doing fine ok and how is your two son ooh one is controlling Mars another one is controlling earth ok that is fine so Earth I am going to stay on Earth and Mars at any time so I am not going nothing yay. 


First, I will go to brother Mars and stay there first then to sister Earth to stay also that is right I became the family of Earth and Mars I am enjoying this and I can live for ever that is cool. After ten years I became the family of all the planets of this galaxy. After one million years I am going to be in the family in this whole universe is isn’t that lot of lot of lot of lot of fun and cool  I like it do you like it then it is cool and I can go anywhere I want I like it so it is more fun than any thing in this world is it right yes of course every one will like it yay that is so amazing yay. So I usually talk main with Earth and Mars and their son and daughter because of them I am in this stage so I like them a lot so that is how my life is amazing ever one likes this kind of life and will never leave it behind because they want to live for ever and take over the universe so I just enjoyed it.    


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