Fruit Seller

Education is essential for everybody and Never do bad to others or else bad will happen to you.

Once upon a time there lived a poor family with 2 sons. The younger son’s name was Vivin who was 5 and the older son’s name was Vinil who was 6. The father’s name was Vijay and mother’s name was Swetha.  As they were very poor family they could not effort to have a good house to live in. They lived in a small hut in the village side. The father’s job was selling fruits. He had a shop on the road side. As they were very poor they could not effort to have a big shop. Swetha’s job was stitching clothes in a small area which was rented out.

Vijay and Swetha were poor but Vijay did not want his children’s future to get spoilt and stay poor. He strongly had a wish to educate his two sons. He did not want his sons to lag behind others in the world.

Vinil and Vivin were sent to school for the first time. They went to a government school which is far from their house but that was the closest school to them. 

 The first day of the school was on 1st June. When both of them entered the school gate they were discussing about the school and thought that the school is neither big nor small.

They had to walk up through a million stairs as they got separated to different classes wishing each other all the best of luck for their first day in school. 

Vinil’s class teacher was an angry bird. Her name was Kaveri. She was really strict. Miss. Kaveri introduced him to the whole class, no one even smiled at him. She was going to give a punishment to him but she stopped as it was his first day of school. Vinil was seated at the last seat in between Virat and Anish.

In Vivin’s class all was going well. He was not late and he sat in the 2nd row. His class teacher is Vidya and there was an assistant teacher whose name is Sridevi. Both were very kind.

After few days Vinil’s class was done with the lesson the whole class was going to write an exam about the lesson. This exam was a surprise test. Their test was hard for their level. Even Vivin’s class had an exam on their lesson. They had a very easy exam which is much easier for their level.

Their days passed normally as usual. After three days both of them got their marks at school. Both of them were excited to know their marks.

The school ended as usual. They hugged their mom Swetha with tears in their eyes. Swetha asked them what happened why are you crying what happened to both of you. Mom promise that you won’t get angry or sad on both of us said Vinil. Swetha gave a nod. Vivin got 25 out of 100 and Vinil got 30 out of 100. Neither Swetha was sad or angry nor Vijay. By this incident both of them felt really sad. This got stagnated in their mind and because of this they could not sleep well  and they got sick so they did not go to school. 

Both of them discussed and decided that they won’t go to school from next day. Both of them went to the hall and Vivin sat beside Vijay and Vinil beside Swetha. Parents got scared seeing the sad faces of their kids. Both of them said that they do not want to go to school. Vijay tried to tell his situation that only if you have education you can become great and I am trying to give both of you a good quality of education even if we are very poor because I want your future to be bright. Vinil and Vivin didn’t want that to happen they never wanted to go to school ever again. Vivin and Vinil wanted to work with their father as a fruit seller.

Vijay did not want to be a bad father and rule on them. He always gave them a choice for everything. Vijay decided that he will not force them and make them go to school but he also had a strong wish to educate them. With this situation he could not sleep as none of his wishes were fulfilled by God. An idea suddenly struck to his mind. His idea was a great idea for his wishes to be fulfilled. 

His idea was to make them work hard in the sun by selling fruits in the hot sun of Hyderabad so they will only choose either to study or work in hot sun. Vijay discussed his plan with Swetha so that she won’t think bad. She liked the plan as it is reliable also. 

Vijay had started implementing his plan from that day itself. He first started acting as if he had a sever back pain. He screamed “ouch my back is paining really bad, ouch I can’t go out to sell fruits. With his screams both of them ran and came down with love towards their father. Daddy! Daddy! what happened, can we help you in any way. Yes you can help me. He requested them to go out to sell fruits without him. Sure said Vinil and Vivin.

Both of them set out to sell the fruits. They were tired of pushing the fruit cart even after sharing the energy to push them along their way long. Both of them were shouting out in a sweet voice “fruits, fruits, does anyone want fruits. No one was coming at all. After a long distance of walking they reached the main road but still only 1 person came to buy the Oranges as they were seasonal and fresh. No one came, they were going a long way at last they stopped as they lost their energy and their legs and hands were paining. They opened the taps of their eyes and cried. Now they had got to know that studying is better than losing their energy and roaming in the hot sun. They understood the pain that their father takes to make them study and eat food.

They went home soon and told their dad that it is very difficult to walk and sell the fruits. Then Vijay asked them going to school is  easier or selling the fruits. Both of them said that going to school is easier but we do not want to go to school still. Vijay and Swetha felt very sad that their plan did not workout. Then they ate dinner but Vijay and Swetha did not eat dinner but slept.

 At the midnight Vivin suddenly woke up and thought that I should go to school and fulfill my father’s wish. Vivin tiptoed to his mother’s and father’s room and gently woke them up and said that he will go to school from the next day. Vijay was happy that atleast one of his sons will be going go to school.

The next day Vinil woke up due to the noises in the front room. Then he saw Vivin going to school then Vinil asked why are you going to school. “I am going to school because getting educated is much better then selling fruits. 

After many days Vivin got a paper wherein he got 100 out of 100 marks. Days passed on and on then years and years . One day when Vivin was in college and Vinil still selling fruits, Vinil got a thought that why are we so poor even if we sell things like fruits and clothes truthfully. We do not have a proper house or proper clothes to wear. Vinil thought that he could separate from them and make his own shop and there he can sell fake food and sell them then I will get more money .

Vinil ran off to another place at the midnight so that no one will know his plan. He opened his shop closer to the sea shore. He started his plan from the next day and he had a good profit. 2 months passed nicely. Then Vinil goes out to buy something for him self then unknowingly a humongous flood came and the shop got destroyed fully. Correctly at this point of time Vijay had called him in fear that what happened and where is he? 

Vinil told the whole story to his father as he was very sad that he lost his whole profit. He told why did he come and when did he come. On the next day Vijay came running for him to see in which state is he in. 

By this Vivin understood that his father cares about him and why did he insist to be educated. Vinil also understood that what happens if we do a wrong thing to others, something of yours has to get spoiled.

With this incident Vinil goes back to his home and he gets to know that Vivin is a teacher. Vinil opened a school which is for free of cost. Vinil started learning from his brother and soon got a job. 

MORAL : Education is essential for everybody and Never do bad to others or else bad will happen to you.

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