From The Rulers Of Nature


NATURE: The world had been evolving and working. Nature stayed still and it had been patiently thinking the world would start helping it grow, but now nature is not keeping its quiet and it has given to people many warnings. Nature was exploited and is continued to be exploited more rapidly and harmfully. Humans now believe that there will be soon no hope of life to continue on this planet, thus they have decided to dump the planet and take off to live with the inhabited galaxies around. The humans are unknown of the bigger consequences yet to come, so far nature has only given Warnings of which they call as natural disasters.

Beware …Humans‼ Because nature will never forget the betrayal you did to us and no matter where you go, nature’s soul will follow. Nature will come to all the galaxies or realms you all migrate to and there we will rule over you. We will not rest until you all surrender! or perish!


“Hello, my name is D46R61NN from the planet Neunod, from the Nelan galaxy. I am 13 years old and I am right now in 9th grade. I am studying in Fplonity school in the planet Fplon in the Flonoty galaxy. Now since all formalities are over, let’s talk about something better.”, these were the exact words I said during a class presentation which got me first into trouble as, disrespecting teachers in the first and only lawful offense in this entire place (crazy, right. That’s because this is an education planet). So they thought that me saying “let’s talk about something better”, was to disrespect the teacher’s orders and divert the topic. The school had scolded me for several hours and then given me a small return gift of suspension. So much for my big mouth. Note to self: keep my big mouth shut, and if you are asking the suspension is for eight weeks (until 26th January 2213)! Great, now I get to celebrate Christmas and New Year during a suspension. I am very different and try not to keep any close friends with me. When I do stupid stuff like this I not only get myself into trouble but the others will also be weird enough to do something bad so that all of us will have suspension. So see you soon, I am very tired right now.

The suspension might actually not be such a bad thing, especially in boarding schools. I am in a boarding school and because I have suspension I have to go back to my home planet-Neunod. But, because the school is not rich enough to send me back, so they have to keep me here. So here I am on my bed wondering what to do during my “break”, as the suspension is for a very, very long time.


So I thought of starting my first few days by roaming around the school and making new friends. Yes, I am going to make friends with people because I am already bored to death. I start to roam around the school when the classes are over and I was pretty lucky to make friends with D49Z10NN. Surprisingly he is from my planet and he has no friends. This is great news as now not only do I have a friend, but I have a friend who knows my planet’s secret code language. We both spend the first day together talking to each other. During our talk, I found out that he was a neighbour of mine and his mom used to be best buds with my mom. After we talked and cracked a couple of jokes I told him that I had suspension and he was not surprised. It seems he got a suspension for 10 weeks which started coupe of weeks before me. This was very nice and after our talk, we decided to secretly go the next day to a place where no one likes to go – the “siddur’s castle”.


But we did not go to Siddur’s castle as planned because we both chickened out. But today we will not run away from our mission, because if we did not do anything we would have to hibernate due to boredom. We started our journey from school at around 700 hrs to make sure we are not caught.

We reached Siddur’s castle in 45 mins. Looking at it from a mile away, the entrance was not too spooky but it was not welcoming either.

‘I don’t think this is a good idea’, I said

‘Relax, this isn’t the end of the world … is it?’, he said

I replied after a while of thought ‘maybe you are right, I mean, what is the worst that could happen, right?’

I have a gut feeling that this is not going to end well and by the look on his face I’m pretty sure he thinks the same as well. We entered through the gate of the castle wall , only to look up to see an old, dark, dingy castle. And then, right behind us a bunch of rocks tumbled and blocked the entrance. We entered the castle and kept walking around until we saw a stone floating in the air and we know that floating rocks around glowing mystic lights are not one’s everyday view. After looking around for a while we realized that this stuff could be dating all the way back to 12 C.E (twenty centuries ago). This was not only creepy but weird because according to our science textbooks we were told that the space age had begun from the 2100s, so there should not be anything human in outer space from that long ago. we tried not to touch anything but we did not try enough. I tripped and fell straight on my face, knocking a floating stone out of position. When the stone fell down, the castle started rumbling, and the stone started floating again. Out of the stone, came a green hologram, which was the size of abe’s memorial, roaring with all his might.

The unknown guy said, “WHO DARES WAKE ME!!”

“S-s-sorry, f-f-or w-w-w-waking you up, hmmm sir”, replied D49Z10NN, I was pretty sure that D49Z10NN did not know who he was but he did not want to sound disrespectful.

The big guy replied, “Do you not understand that I am the god of nature and I always wanted to crush you puny humans for the pain you have caused nature. I was about to wipe your race off the map when the gods have captured me and locked me up here to rot. The gods kept on reassuring me that one day a boy will free me. And now, at last, I am FREE. I will wipe you all like the way you wiped off MEE’,

We both looked at each other and realized that we just released a “god” who wants all mankind dead. Right now I am just praying that this is just a dream and all of this will disappear. I open my eyes, no luck, better run away.

We ran off as fast as we could, trying not to get caught. We made it all the way back to school and the first thing we did was going to the dorm. We thought that the dorm would be a good place to think about how to solve the problem but before we both knew it we were on our bed dozing off.


We haven’t heard anything about the god we unleashed until today, when we saw the newspaper, the first page showed:




This was not only scary and pretty worrying because my friend and I were the people who let Mr. God free from his shrine. We both thought that the entire “god” episode was only a prank of some sort, but now we were proved that we may have cause an apocalypse.

What a great way to start the day! The rest of the day, both of us were staying in our dorm worrying about what we have done.


we started off the day by having breakfast as far from everyone as possible. We did this for two reasons: one, we were completely embarrassed and two, if we were caught, we would be sent to black water prison.

Our breakfast was pretty short, we managed to slip outside the school again and we went to the same place (siddur’s castle) AGAIN. This time we were not greeted by another tempered god, but by a calm man instead.

He said, ‘I see that you fools have awakened the “god of nature”‘,

I replied, ‘Forgive us, but may I ask, why the dodo has the god of nature gone haywire. The information that he gave us was about the 2000s. During that time the planet earth was in a disaster with almost no greenery, by 2050 humans have realized this and started planting more trees. In 50 years, By 2100s Earth had more greenery than what it had in the 1900s, until the disaster of 2120…… but it’s not our fault! Does the god still have a grudge against us humans?’,

The good man sighed, ‘this guy knows that he is the god of nature! To start off with this god you guys have released is really, really pissed off. He is the god controlling all of nature of nature. This god tried to make all of mankind extinct on doomsday according to the Mayan calendar which is 2012.  In 2012 we tried to seal him for good to prevent the doomsday, but his essence still remained on the planet. He only took care of the disasters caused by nature like tsunamis, volcanos, and tornados since then. But in 2012 he was forced into an orb thinking that keeping him away from earth will stop all of these tragedies. Alas, only the good part of nature was removed, there were several disasters afterwards and as you humans were so greedy for money, you kept on destroying nature.

Although his disastrous presence still remained, he was patient and was waiting for a day when humans would realize what they have done. He later concluded that the humans have been destroying nature and will continue destroying nature. He thought that the planet was dead after one century and to show his rage on humans, he caused the continuous storm of tsunamis and earthquakes which is famously called the disaster of 2120 on planet earth. Since then you humans have fled the earth one by one in search of habitable planets and resided there.’

D49Z10NN replied, ‘but it is not fair my lord, the god you are talking about who caused 2120 had destroyed the greenery once recovered on Earth and now the Earth is one big water body with a lot of quakes.’

The god replied, ‘yes my boy, the Earth is destroyed but not the entire Nature as a whole. You humans take Nature along with you to the various planets you inhabit, that is very smart. Yet right now the Nature demon god is on a huge rampage and will not stop until mankind is extinct. It already destroyed a planet FKLKG inhabited by millions. And he rests right now, but he still does not trust humans and his hideout is not known to me. So now It is up to you Mr.… what was your name again?

To me, the holy vision is telling that your name is D46R61NN. Is that correct?’

I replied, ‘yes.’

The man replied, ‘so it is true. The other gods were telling me that you humans have numbers in your names. Back in the 21st century, the humans did not have numbers in their names! So it is up to you two to save all of the humanity and stop the demon god!’

D49Z10NN asked, ‘how do we end this god’s rampage?’

The god thought about it for a while and then said ‘as Nate, his nickname, was so disappointed about the lack of plants on earth, you need pack some stuff to reach the earth in about a few days. I myself will take you there as the god of transportation. Until then young boys’

I quickly questioned before he left, ‘why don’t you gods fix this, why us and only us’

He responded, ‘we gods have various specialities, you cannot expect a doctor to do farming, right.’ And in a flash he left.


we started packing our bags for this adventure, still thinking about what the god was talking about, how can just both of us save the whole universe.

In my bag, I start placing various objects inside my bag: clothes, water, food, planting chemicals, scuba diving kit, super grow (chemicals which make plants grow in seconds) and my lucky charm (a bag full of something my grandmother gave me on her death bed saying, ‘you will know when you will need to open it.’) and my diary.


we woke up very early and got ready as fast as we could, time was a very important factor for us right now. We have to do whatever we can before Nate (nick name of the god of nature) destroys another planet.

For the third time we go back to siddur’s castle in search of the transportation god to pick us up (Geez! I have to learn how to respect others, especially gods, he is not a bus or something) and take us to earth I guess…? Surprisingly when we reached there, someone had removed the rocks from the gate and also left the doors open in a very, very suspicious manner (note to self: one adjective is enough). Slowly we pick up our Swiss pocket knife and enter inside the castle to see a bus literally standing inside the castle waiting for us to board it. The transportation god wore a new outfit and said, ‘I am baybus and I will be your conductor for this journey.’ and he asked us to get because we don’t have all day.

During the trip I ask him, ‘ where on earth are we going, what are we going to plant and how will we plant the seeds.’ The god replied, you already have all the answers with you since the start, and by the way we are going to mount Everest as right now it is the only piece of land that is not submerged. The global warming and the abundance of water made the peak a very fertile land.’

We reached in a few minutes and to our surprise, the place was full of filthy, disgusting and stinky water. Baybus was furious and with the flick of his hand the smell, algae and dead bones were removed. He left us on top of the world’s highest peak and it currently feels as if we were on a beach. We need seeds to plant, so we start to dive in the water as low as possible as the best quality seeds always sink in water.  We searched for a long time but the only thing I could find were few cars, decaying houses and few skeletons. D49Z10NN was lucky enough to find a sealed meal for two that would last until 3000s (whoa). That was our dinner for the night as we have to save our packed food for a long time.


We set off on our expedition early today, I searched for anything useful and I found a hoe, a bucket and a sickle. D49Z10NN again was luckier this time and actually managed to find a few good seeds. We poke holes in the ground, we place the seeds inside, we cover it up and then we place our super grow and water. We waited hopefully for a few seconds the it did not work, nothing happened! We thought it needed sunlight and as it was night time then, we took a break and slept


In the morning, nothing happened. In the afternoon, nothing happened. In the evening, nothing happened. At night, NOTHING HAPPENED. AAAAUGH.


We both have officially given up hope on the super grow after we read a warning on it saying “warning: does not work on any form of fertile soil, meant to be used only on barren land”. Why does life hate me, what have I done to deserve this (except for the time I broke chef ROBOT 12832’s favourite serving bowl, don’t tell him!). So according to my calculations, it would take around 6 months for this thing to grow back. I wondered how many people would die by then. I was in utter distress until I realize the note on my grandma’s bag and as I was in helplessness I thought that it was the correct time to open it.

As soon as I touch the bag I heard a voice saying, ‘now is the correct time.’ I hoped that the bag contained any sort of magic grow but it had… seeds? They were not any normal seeds thought they looked like a kidney bean in golden colour. I didn’t bother planting it properly and just jabbed it into the soil and poured a lot of water, this was my only hope.

The ground below us was shaking and in the blink of an eye, there was a magnificent golden banyan tree standing in front of us. But sadly the rumbling did not stop, this tree seemed to have summoned the great nature god on a rampage to kill humans, D49Z10NN fainted and fell on the floor. He was not a hologram any more and he did not look so furious, in fact he looked better when he is not angry. He looked like he was in awe and he slowly asked us, ‘where did you kids find my golden Ficus benghalensis?!?

There should be one person alive who has possession to the seeds of this plant, my wife! I gave it to her as a gift when I had to leave the earth and go back to my place in heaven. I gave this seed to her so that if I were to become very angry and furious in the future, until she died. But all of a sudden, you have gotten this seed and have calmed me, this tree reminds me of her and how we used to live together. Tell me child who gave this to you?’

Did he just call me child! This guy can calm down faster than you can say ‘please calm down’. I slowly speak up, ‘This seed, sir, was given to me by my grandmother on her deathbed. Baybus told us that planting a tree would calm you down and as we were running out of time to grow a tree, we planted these seeds in desperation thinking that it would grow faster. But definitely not this fast’

The big man replied, ‘if I gave this to my wife and my wife gave this to you on her death bed… I think you might understand…’. He smiled

Thoughtfully and surprised I exclaim, ‘you must be my long lost grandfather!’. We both hug, he , ‘I knew my son had a child but I could never figure out who it was as you crazy humans have travelled far and wide.’ As he talks, the water around us starts to deplete rapidly and I was able to see the ground and also I became much cooler all of a sudden. Naturally my friend and I got woollen sweaters automatically placed on our body and perfectly our size (although D49Z10NN was sleeping, he was now sleeping happily.

I ask, ‘grandpa, as I am the grandchild of a god, do I get superpowers?’ He starts laughing and tells me, ‘yes, you will get some power but only after the age of 18.’ Dammit I was only three years less but oh well. I wonder and ask, ‘why did you blow up the planet?’, he replies, ‘that was not me, that was done by a comet who was going on its usual course to destroy the planet, it was not meant to cause any harm. When we planned the expiration of planets, we thought that this planet wouldn’t be inhabited by anyone so we gave it such a destruction for our amusement, until humans showed up…’

Grandfather said, ‘ok then kid, it is time for me to go back to heaven’. I quickly ask, ‘grandfather, I heard you were stuck in that orb for 200 years, how did you meet grandma?’, he replied, ‘I am pretty sure that Baybus told you that my presence still remained on the earth? In that time, I met your grandmother in the form of a mortal. See you later my child, I do suggest you change your name’. I shout as he leaves, ‘bye grandpa, and also I have grandfather’s day next week, can you come’. He laughs and says, ‘sure!’.

Just as he left, D49Z10NN woke up screaming and amazed, he said, ‘what on earth happened right now?’ I replied, ‘I got a lot of stuff to tell you’.

-From the diary of D46R61NN

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