The Life Of A Droplet

drop short kahani


“Hello, world” today is the first day of my life that I was old enough to visit the surface of the mighty river. My name is drop number 298,372,458,273,801 and I am a drop in the big river full of billions and billions of drops are present. The river is my home and I love it because there are so many drops I can make many friends. I have also made couple of friends like drops number: 298,372,458,273,792 and 298,372,458,237,856. These are my close friends and I will never let them go.


Today we made friends with drops number 890, 908, 845 and 876 (from the 298,372,458,273… group) and we caller ourselves droppers. Today at drool (drop school) we learned about the water cycle and also about how drops are evaporated in hot temperatures and then go to the sky to form a cloud and then we come down to the earth in the form of drops. This was very scary because I did not want to get evaporated and separated from the rest of the drops


Today we were informed that the summer season will be beginning. We all have to be careful about where we go because if we go to close to the surface we will evaporate. So we should be safe and let the solar defense drops do their work.


The day was very long and the sun was making the water very hot. During our adventure camp we were taken to the top of the sea and there we had to wear our protection gear. We were talking and debating about what the protection kit was made of most of the time given to us to wear our gear. In the end, we had to rush to wear it because the time as almost over. We were not able to complete it because the captain had already come to pick us up. All of us were taken to the reef and everyone was excited to see what is there above the river. All of us were able to see the beautiful sky above and the vast river surrounding us. It was pretty hot and I was feeling a bit weird like I was flying away. I noticed that I was evaporating and so were the rest of the droppers. We slipped out of our suits and were flying towards the sky! The rest of the drops were looking at us in shock. We were flying and flying and FLYING.


Hmm, we are still flying upwards and I wonder if we will ever stop. We finally were able to see the clouds and we will be part of them soon, I hope. After a while, we reached and were able to see the entrance guarded heavily. We introduced ourselves and they allowed us through happily. We were further taken to the king of the cloud himself. The king is special from the others because he is the only drop who cannot be part of the rain and he will be part of the cloud forever. The king had introduced himself and we were shocked when we got to know that he was part of the first few water molecules ever created! That shows how old of a drop it is because I consider myself pretty old but I am drop number 298,372,458,273,801. All of us were allotted our rooms and we were given a place to stay for the night. The sleeping area was very soft and comfortable because the area was mostly out of steam. So, Good night.


The night was great and after waking up the drops had to go to the main room to have our breakfast. This was my first breakfast as a steam and I was having a lot of fun because as a drop we were allowed to eat only bland and plain food. But here we have various types of food which are very tasty. The cloud members (I will call them steam from now), were assembling near the king to plan for welcoming the newcomers of today. After all the droppers have finished their breakfast we all went together to visit the king. I have never noticed but the king had a crown on his head and the crown was made of fire. I feel this is the reason why the king can never become rain. When we entered everyone was congratulating all of the droppers and just at that moment the door opened again and five more drops have entered the place. Everyone was congratulating them and that moment they have shown their true colors. They entered the court and straight ran towards the king with a fire-repulsion ray, hot enough to burn the king. Luckily, the soldiers were able to stop the criminal and took him for sublimation (turning gasses into solids, ouch). From what I heard he was drop number 6 and he was jealous that he was not able to be part of the elite drop-league comprised of the first five drops. Now forget it, all of us completely missed lunch. It is now time for dinner and we have to go to the cafeteria to have our dinner.


Almost nothing happened yesterday and one drop had joined the cloud. We were called early in the morning to have a meeting with the king, this to discuss who would want to do their summer vacation in the cloud spy association. I and my friends were pretty excited about this so we went to the meeting today. When we reached the place the hall was full of steam and to decide who will make it into the association we all will be put in the arena like The Hunger Games (a book where 24 persons are placed in an arena and all of them have to fight till one person is alive) (NOT SPONSORING). This is great including the fact that there is way more steam than 24. The king announced that the battle will be done in three weeks.


Sorry for not writing for a long time but long story short: I went to do training and I got so good at it that I managed to go past all six droppers without them noticing. The entire group has managed to make code names (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) for ourselves and I am number 1, for making the group. Once we were done with our practice we went back to our steam room and I was sent to sleep with 2.


Today’s the “big day”. Today I am not happily running around but probably running away from a guy with an ax to send me out of the arena. This is how it works: when you get hit by something you will not die but you will be deformed and sent to the viewing gallery where you get formed into a cloud again. We all had our breakfast and according to what we heard the last seven survivors will be qualified to the association and the last survivor will be the captain of the association. It is 9:59 PM and one minute later I will be in an arena. A definite first. Few guards came to pick us up and we were sent to the arena entrance (arena explanation: the arena is pretty small and it is very hi-tech which may remind you of maybe the interior of a computer chip. The steam has various long range weapons like guns and throwing knives). There were a lot of steam in the arena and I felt that the chance of winning will be less than 1/1000000. The bell rang as soon as I entered and everything went haywire as everyone was running into each other and trying to deform one another. This reminded me of when I was studying about Vikings and how they fight each other. I and my group all ran to the corner where almost nothing was happening. In the corner, we ran into few steam people who were very scared so we shooed them away and sat there. We sat there for about an hour and when we heard the commotion die down to eerie silence, we stepped out. There we saw one steam standing tall and proud because he thought he killed everyone, now the probability of winning is 1/2. We all ran up to him and attacked. The man stood tall and started marching towards us with his ax held high, he walked with all his might. He came towards us but fell down and disappeared after tripping on my trusty stress ball! We were relieved that we all were successfully selected and will stay together in the group. We all battled against each other to end the championship and I won against everyone due to my stealth skills. We went back to our room and slept for the night.


I felt that the night was particularly longer than usual and when I looked at my watch I realized I slept throughout the entire day. Oooookay, so I am a leader of a spy group, very cool! I know but at least this is a cloud spy. Today is our first meeting with the king in the courtroom to get our first assignment. We went to the king’s courtroom and we got our first assignment to win the ongoing capture the flag tournament with the cloud 8. We were given this mission because the king liked my stealth skills and also the team has injuries from the semi-finals. So it is up to us to win the trophy now and my team looks pretty good. The king told that the tournament will happen on the 3rd.


Yesterday was not at all productive because all we did was blabber about a battle strategy but it was not that useful after all. Today we boarded our bus to the capture the flag arena and when we reached we were not welcomed so happily. There were flying tomatoes everywhere and no one could stop it. Here on we went to the team room and briefly discussed the plan for the match. We came to the arena and I think that we were no match to the cloud 8 because they all were tall and big, but this is capture the flag, not pro wrestling (right?). we were given five minutes to hide our flag and the roof was covered so that the audience would not help any of the teams (arena explanation: the arena is absolutely ancient and the audience gallery and the arena are blocked by a layer of glass which can be covered for times like this). The place is an absolute labyrinth and there is no way out how to find out where your flag is! This was getting very tough because we do not know where we actually are. We were going left and right in circles for a minute and then few rockets fell from the sky and this was perfect because now I got to see where my friends were, send messages, see where my flag was and if someone saw the opponent flag they can pinpoint it and everyone will know where the flag is. We hid our flag very securely in the corner where only one steam can enter at a time. The only bad part is that we do not know where the opponent steam is. The time was over and the curtain opened, the light blinded me but I started running to the opposite side and trying not to die. My stealth helped a lot and within the first few minutes, 3 dropped a pinpoint and found the flag but the next second he deformed and was sent out of the arena. This was very hectic because 3 and I are the only stealth (the guys who do not make much noise). So it is all up to me to capture the flag. While I was going to the pin point 4 bumped into me and we both started walking together to get to the flag. On the way, we saw the defender who deformed 3, so 4 attacked with all his might and deformed the defender but deformed himself. With no one in my way, I went to the flag (they were dumb enough to keep only one defender for themselves) and won the cup. Long story short: I got the cup, we went back, king congratulated, pizza party and we are part of the hall of fame.


Since our win against cloud 8, the droppers have all become very famous and are very popular now. We were now treated better, steam say hi to us, and few people take our autograph.


Sorry, again, for not writing in a long time because it is very hard to write nowadays because I am the king’s minister and I have to stay there day and night and by the time I get back I would have eaten and slept. Today I got some time because the king left me early. Tomorrow is the beginning of monsoon and no one knows which cloud is going to be emptied first. Monsoon is the saddest time for a king because at this time he will have to say bye to the people with him since the beginning of autumn. I really hope that our cloud is not first and we get to go last but we never know until tomorrow


Today we get to know about which cloud will be emptied today, I have never been so afraid of being first as I am now. The evening passed in fear and in the night a scroll came to the king telling the names of the clouds to be emptied today. The clouds were numbers: 547, 273, 286, 1002, 1037, 493, 9 and 5. This was exactly what I expected, you don’t want something and that particular something happens. Just as I was thinking about it the cloud tilted and the steam became drops again and we all fell towards the door. The door opened and we went flying straight towards the river. I landed softly on an oyster. I look up to search for my friends and all the other six of them landed straight on the oyster along with me. This was not great because if all of us are stuck here then the clam will close. And yes, the clam had closed on us and now all of us are stuck here fro I don’t know how long.


Exactly one year ago, we got trapped in this very oyster. Today, we all woke up happily as the oyster opened and let us free. Wow, that was great because staying in a closed area for one year is very painful. 7 got out first and we followed. He went walking and walking, but he knew where to be going as he has the best sense of direction. We walked for about 5 hours when we saw our very own school. We started to run towards the school because the sight of our school was the best thing we saw on the 5-hour trip. We came to the entrance of the school and there we were able to see a bunch of teachers, leaving the school for the first time in hundred years. The teachers and the students are supposed to live in the school and for the first time, they are leaving the school. We went up to them to ask what happened and when we questioned they told the clam border guards, who conducted a coup against the government and elected their new king. They announced that they needed an area to build the new palace. The drops had a vote and in the end, the place to be demolished ended up to be the school because the people did not know the need for education. In our society, pearls have veto power and as in our small kingdom we are the only living pearls, we will have the right to change the decision of the king.

We storm the town hall where the king was staying at the moment. The king trembled with fear as he saw us, the guards tried to attack us but failed miserably. The “king” was very surprised that we beat all his guards and he gave up his throne to us in defeat. We did not want to be the king so we gave the government back to the people and the school was safe ever since…

-the life of drop number 298,372,458,273,801


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