Detective Diaries: Murder motive

It was a quiet night on lousy lane, until a loud noise broke the silence. A gunshot was heard across the street follow detective nosegoode as he solves the mystery.

Once upon a time, that’s how most stories start, in a happy way, but not this one:

13th October 2002, 

It was a quiet night on lousy lane, until a loud noise broke the silence. A gunshot was heard across the street and after several moments of panic, the body of Sir Arthur Ronald Ross, a renowned physician, was found dead on his doorstep.

14th October,

The next morning I, Detective nosegoode the best in the field with a perfect record case, was sent to work on the case of the murder,securing the scene of the crime, analysing the evidences, searching for fingerprints I found myself facing a dead end: there was no sign of a break in, no other fingerprints on the gun apart from Sir Ross’ himself and funnily his cat’s. Was my perfect record case on the line? According to the neighbours the man was always cheerful but was still haunted by the past, a secret he would never share. Considering the fact of torture I visited the places he had been the previous day before but found nothing unusual about his behaviour. Realizing my current status in the case, I was forced to consult my superior, the only one better than me Dr. R.K Sharma.

16th October,

I had arrived in India, the home of the great detective, and arranged to meet him at Paradise a highly popular restaurant in town. After narrating my story he thought of only one reasonable explanation: ‘Karma’, but that didn’t make sense Karma was a spiritual explanation and had no science aspect, it was the Indian version of saying “What goes around, Comes around”.  

18th October: Arriving back in London I considered Dr. Sharma’s advice and tried to learn about what Sir Ross had done so wrong to cause such an untimely death. No support was provided by the neighbours as they all said that he had never told them, but Sir Ross’s brother Herald Ross was in town for his brother’s funeral and spoke of a past wife who lived in Manchester. 

19th October: After speaking to the lady I uncovered some information regarding how their marriage was so unhappy, how he would go for days on end with his friend and come back richer than the last time he left. She accused him of robbery and so the marriage broke up but during the divorce in court they read out a statement and said she was lucky to be alive.

22nd October:  I believed I had everything in place but just to confirm I decided to pay a visit to Sir. Ross’ “friend” and it turned out that the friend was a drug addict and was wanted for murder and treason but considering that it was not my buisness to interfere, I did not report him.

25th October: Today was Sir Ronald Ross’ funeral and as I was called on to speak, I narrated the story of his death: “Sir Ross over here has brought this death upon himself” I said. There were a few murmers in the crowd but I ignored them and continued. “In his past he was a murder, and a robber and was wanted for treason” as I continued, I brought the elements of my case together: “The only reasonable explanation for this case was Karma, Sir Ross died due to the consequence of his acts. He would kill rich businessmen and rob them of their earnings.” At last I explained how he had died “Sir Ross died on the 13th of October. As he entered his house his cat pounced, and its paw hit the trigger of the gun on display which surprisingly was loaded. This embedded a bullet in Sir Ross’ chest, and he collapsed on the floor.” Bringing it all together I told them that eventually everybody will pay the price for their actions. I received a round of applause for uncovering thecase and for my speech and then there was silence for the mourning, suddenly a noise broke the silence and a gunshot was fired: it seemed as if my duties as a detective were far from over.

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