An inspiring act

This story is about how a group of students helped the villages by educating them to live a better life.

This story is about how good deeds can influence the lives of the people .

During their summer break a group of five students, who were going to attend universities abroad in a few months, wanted to do something for India before they left. They spent a week of their summer doing research on the problems that India was facing. Through a news paper article they got to know about the rural areas of our country. They got to know about the unavailability of a proper education and it’s disadvantages in the rural areas. This lead to them being illiterate causing them many problems. Firstly due to shortage of water the villagers could barely survive as their crops could not grow, without crops they can’t have food neither can they afford to buy anything  due to lack of money.  Secondly, as they did not have any education they didn’t know any solution to their problems. Lastly, even for the little crops they could scavenge they were paid very less. Seeing their conditions the students picked up the two least prosperous villages and decided to help them.

Initially the villagers did not believe or even care that the students could help them. So they went from house to house and tried to persuade everyone that they could help. But it was not until the students started to help them out  by setting up a drinking water plant  and helping them while they were selling goods, that the villagers started believing them. The villagers accepted their requests to help them. 

The students set to work. The villagers gathered around on every alternate day for three whole months. During their session the students taught the villagers about the sanitation , hygiene, nutrition, preventable diseases, how to get underground water for their crops and lastly tips on how to handle money. By the end of the session these two villages were among the top five most prosperous villages. 

Right after this  session the children went to their colleges abroad. They had spent their whole summer helping out the villagers. Due to their actions  many lives were influenced for the better. Schools all over India were inspired by this and started a “ teach the less fortunate” program in honor of them. They even got scholarships in their colleges due to this. This act  has also inspired many adults and students who formed groups to teach in the government schools during their free time.

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