A walk with bae

A walk with bae. 

Walking up with you into the wild woods of Alpine has always been at the top of my bucket list. Our fingers entangled amongst each other, dim silence of nature apres the background, an infinite long, untouched road. And just you and me. Walking all along. Carefree of the virtual world. No sign of any worry nor any pain, no regrets nor any disdain only love, trust and belief walking by our side. 

After walking up for a distance or to, the sinless nature too seemed to be in love with my bae. It wished to walk along by her side. Possessive me didn’t allowed. I didn’t have space even for those carefree wild breeze between us. I was holding her hand tight. Mischievous winds everytime undoing her silky hair and dim falling rays of sun tirelessly trying to touch your pink cheeks. My shadow protected her. The nature was truly jealous of me seeing her by my side. And insecure of her beauty. Myself proudly tried to be a little more haughty, showing off my bae. It was a health rivalry developed between me and nature. Different shades of it, sometimes in form of falling leaves, at times chasing squirrels and melodious Nightingale miss guiding us from our path. Every part of surrounding continuously trying to seek her attention, get noticed, showing their presence, her mere attention was all needed. 

We kept walking and walking freely. Freedom was our amulet. Amidst the falling leaves of Chir, the road seemed to carry a green carpet for my bae. Our foot steps matching each other’s frequency perfectly and dim light bringing her further close to me. The mild natural jazz, rhythmic tone of crickets and us crushing the dried leaves built the best background music of my life. 

Holding her hand, walking up the hill with a will of never loosing her. I gain more strength, confidence and positivity just by her mere presence. Amidst the whole journey the only thing I had in my mind was, this walk, it should never stop, never end. I didn’t wanted to go back, I didn’t wanted to reach anywhere. All I wanted was to walk a mile more with her. 

True and pure emotions. No words were needed to share the feeling we both were carrying. Our eyes were conversing better than words. It was a moment to be felt, not spoken. Baby my love for you just reached a whole new zenith. 

Her sparkling eyes, glazing face it prisoned my eyes. I knew if I don’t put my eyes down, I won’t be able to do it for the rest of my life. I tried and tried and tried hard but couldn’t. Down falling my eyes received her support and the very moment I realized. 

Life could be so beautiful. A walk with you, a walk with my bae has solution to all my worries all my pain. 

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