A Prime minister’s address to fellow leaders

Prime minister address to the elect…. Leadership article to inspire our generation. It’s important to know about the national leaders. Because the speech was in Hindi, wanted to share an English version for the awareness of newer generations. This is only non-political from a leadership standpoint.


Prime minister after bowing down to the constitution, Congratulated first-timers and women especially. Here are some excerpts from his address.


“Elections are huge and important activity worldwide and I congratulate all the workers, leaders, volunteers and the people for their “parishram” (efforts). These results of our national Elections were celebrated in India and worldwide by India-lovers. People of India have matured and the power is with people. In this country, accomplished leaders and politicians bow in front of the common man to do “seva” (service). Prime Minister is equal to everyone else and we all should work together. PM is just a post for someone to be held responsible.


2019 Elections broke walls and brought people together. The elected leaders were chosen by the people and we are just Sakshi and have to fulfil our roles and responsibilities towards the people of this country. Earlier, the people elected the PM like contractors giving them a job and if they didn’t do it right, they just gave it to someone else. But this is the first time where people had a choice. They not only elected people in 2014, but they also gave responsibility and ran with the government till 2019. The people were all pro-incumbent and supported it with their “Vishwas” (trust). Vishwas between people and “Sarkar” (Government). They were incumbent to give Sarkar work and responsibility. (pro-incumbency wave). People are all smart and chose the right leaders without falling for false claims. Leaders who do work will have the entire country walk with them. The political leaders were there for the people in the past, now and will be there for the people in future.”


PM said that he has seen many elections but this specific one was a journey for not only him and the leaders, but also for the people as everyone has put in the effort. It is said that people are like Gods and in this election, PM has felt it and seen it.


“People are willing to vote and have voted in the harshest climates. Foreign diplomats get surprised to see how much effort people have put in to go out and vote in extreme weather. Voter turnout is the greatest since 1947. In 2019 women have voted in big numbers in this election. We have set a record and broke this election. After partition, this government has brought forward the greatest number of female MPs. Our party has Energy and Synergy.


The Media likes to pick on leaders and will run by quoting randomly what the latter says. They will not get peace without discussing today’s forecast. Do not show-off to media for the spotlight. It is very addictive and you cannot stop. The people will never forgive you for saying something wrong. Nothing is really off the record.”


PM is telling all newly elected MPs what to do and what not to do so that they don’t feel bad later and warns everyone to be careful about what they talk to the media. “Everything a political leader is because of the people and you should never forget it. Media sends fake calls to MPs from the PM, just for personal gains and to earn.” PM is requesting MPs to not fly high and should stay away from the limelight and disown their VIP status. “Stay away from false sevaks (volunteers) who will serve you no matter what.”


Quoting Mahatma Gandhi “Always see if anything you do would ever benefit the poor or unfortunate people around you” PM expects all the MPs to work hard for the people. PM says that everyone should work together to end poverty and darkness. “All MPs should work to take the country forward continuously and consciously. Without aspirations, there can be no society. India needs the unity we had from 1941 to 1947. The entire world has a lot of expectations from India. In whatever you do on your role to serve the country, the Failure is mine and the Success is yours”

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