A life of happiness…

The "Triple A" campaign helps in helping the poor while being the one who can change the world...

The wind was howling as he ran back home from school. He reached his doorstep the moment his mother called out to him saying, “Abhi, go and freshen up quickly. We will be having your cousins coming over soon!”. Abhi ran to his room and changed to his new clothes. He went inside the kitchen to find his snacks awaiting him. He slowly enjoyed his snacks at the thought of what fun they would have together and by the time he finished, he was shocked to see the time 4:45 pm. He was told that his cousins would be there by 5:00 pm. He scampered away to the living room to do the last minute clean-ups just in time for his father to be back from office. By the time Abhi cleaned everything, it was 4:55 pm and he was so excited to see his cousins again after a long time. He recollected the memory of the last get-together they had at a wedding the previous year. They had had so much fun together! The doorbell rang and he got back to the real world. He greeted his cousins joyfully. Both of them, twins, were 10 years, the same age as Abhi, but older by a few months. The twin’s names were Ashish and Adi. They were so identical that Abhi got confused about who was who. They were wearing the same clothes which made Abhi even more perplexed. 

After the usual greetings with each other, Abhi led the way to his room with Ashish and Adi. The pair of twins explored Abhi’s room for some time and decided to play Xbox. In the middle of the game, Adi, knowing the Abhi was very kind-hearted, shared his thoughts with him about helping the children in a nearby orphanage. Abhi thought about it and concluded that it was a very good idea. Ashish joined them too and the three of them went to their parents for further ideas. After they expressed their ideas, their parents thought it was a good idea too and agreed to help them. The rest of the time, the three worked on their plans of helping the underprivileged. They decided on meeting again after a week. Till then, Abhi started collecting all of the old belongings that he had out-grown. His parents helped him a lot by contacting the orphanage and getting permission to donate useful needs. After the week, the three boys met again and put together the number of things that they had collected. 

There was enough number of things for the whole orphanage and the next day they set off to the orphanage. When they reached Abhi, Ashish, and Adi observed the buildings and it looked pretty good from outside. Abhi’s father had accompanied them and they entered the building. The time they stepped onto the floor of the orphanage, the three boys were shocked by the condition of the children. There were about forty children and all of them were dirty and wore ragged clothes. They were all whimpering and not a single child was happy. All of them were sleeping on the floor with no cleanliness anywhere. Many were getting beaten up because they were begging for food. They couldn’t even use the washrooms and even if they did, the washrooms had a very bad odour which made it impossible for the person to use it. Ashish was the first one to remark on their state of living by saying, “I never expected it to be this bad!”. Everybody stopped whatever they were doing when they saw the first glimpse of us. They saw us carrying the big bags and were very curious to know what was inside them. Abhi, Adi and Ashish decided to open the bags and distribute everything equally. When the first person got a shirt and a clay box, he smiled at us and started playing with it instantly. The time everybody saw what the first child had got, everybody started jumping wanted to get something like him. When everybody got something, they all thanked the three boys. Then Abhi, Ashish and Adi decided to do this every three months so that the children would be happy. Since the three boys didn’t have enough to donate, they started a campaign and named themselves “Triple A” because all of their names started with the letter ‘A’. Many people got to know about this and they started donating things to Abhi’s house and once in a while, the three boys would go to the orphanage and give them the stuff they had collected. The orphanage was very thankful to them and was delighted to be in a healthy state. 

There are many people in this world who don’t even care what is the struggles of the poor people and I think that this is the right time to take action and stop the conflicts around the world. ” Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person”. This is a very famous saying and this has inspired me to help the ones in need and always be grateful and compassionate to everyone in this world! Please start doing the same and I hope that this world becomes a better place to live in!

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